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Expert picks: Top 10 must-attend sessions at the China Symposium

Expert picks - Top 10 must-attend sessions at the China Symposium

The final countdown is on! It’s time to embark on an extraordinary journey of learning, growth and connection at our highly anticipated Merrithew® Mindful Movement Symposium in China. Get ready to be inspired like never before as we bring together industry leaders and passionate enthusiasts for an unforgettable experience.

Date: June 21-23, 2024
Location: JW Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen, China
Program: Featuring courses and workshops taught by Master Instructor Trainer Kim Kraushar, and Lead Instructor Trainers Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke and Carol Earle.

We caught up with our esteemed instructor trainers to bring you their expert recommendations on workshops and courses that you simply can’t miss. Their top ten picks are essential for every Pilates and mind-body enthusiast and professional. If you haven't registered for these sessions, hurry and secure your spot now, as seats are filling up fast.

Students participating in a Symposium Workshop

The top 10 sessions at the 2024 China Symposium:

1. Cueing and Sensory Awareness Influenced by ZEN•GA® Mindful Movement: Join us for a transformative 2-hour introductory workshop where we showcase how ZEN•GA is an approachable and accessible gateway into the world of mindful movement.

Workshop highlights:

  • Review various concepts and tools used in ZEN•GA mindful movement.
  • Experience ZEN•GA Mindful Movement Principles through movement.
  • Discuss the essence of mindful movement.

2. STOTT PILATES® Athletic Conditioning with the Twist Ball: This newly launched workshop provides a comprehensive approach to integrating the Twist Ball into your Pilates practice, offering fresh challenges and new insights. It is perfect for those looking to elevate their fitness levels and diversify their workouts.

Workshop highlights:

  • Review fundamental sports conditioning movements and protocols.
  • Explore load, momentum and agility in athletic programming with the Twist Ball.
  • Experience variations of athletic exercises and their fitness benefits using STOTT PILATES concepts.

3. STOTT PILATES Prenatal Pilates on the Mat: Learn how to adapt STOTT PILATES Matwork exercises for expecting mothers, ensuring safe and effective workouts throughout all trimesters. In this workshop, we will discuss the latest medical insights, exercise guidelines and research on pregnancy and movement.

Workshop highlights:

  • Learn about physiological changes throughout all three trimesters.
  • Explore specific exercise modifications on the mat.
  • Apply the STOTT PILATES Principles of stabilization to prenatal exercises.

4. STOTT PILATES Twist Ball Workout: Participate in this engaging workshop using the innovative Twist Ball and experience a full-body workout that enhances motion, control, strength and coordination. Elevate your workout by increasing variable load, challenging your connective tissue system with creative exercises.

Workshop highlights:

  • Explore full-body movements with current fascial concepts.
  • Develop stability and control for managing shifting weight.
  • Integrate fascial system concepts into standing and mat-based exercises.

Kim Kraushar instructing a Symposium workshop

5. STOTT PILATES Toning Ball Workshop: Experience a dynamic workout with the Toning Balls and discover new ways to add variety, challenge and resistance to your Pilates routine. Engage your core muscles and stabilize as you add light weights, boosting awareness and upper body strength.

Workshop highlights:

  • Apply STOTT PILATES principles to Toning Ball exercises, focusing on movement essence and exercise goals.
  • Understand how Toning Balls add variety, challenge and resistance.
  • Master cues and corrections for safe and effective workouts.

6. STOTT PILATES Intro to the Vertical Frame: Partake in this session and learn how to integrate a variety of exercises into a comprehensive Vertical Frame workout or use them to complement any Reformer or Matwork routine. Explore how the Roll-Down Bar, Push-Thru Bar, Arm and Leg Springs can add variety while targeting individual muscle groups and patterns

Workshop highlights:

  • Explore how various parts of the apparatus can be used to target specific areas of the body.
  • Discuss the positioning and technique of each movement.
  • Discover programming options using the features of the Vertical Frame.

7. STOTT PILATES Sliding Mobility Disks for Dynamic Stabilization, Matwork: Ready to unlock your body's full potential? Take part in this workshop to enhance mobility and stability from head to toe! Whether your clients are beginners or professionals, this all-in-one workout caters to all fitness levels.

Workshop highlights:

  • Discover exercise variations that increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.
  • Learn exercises that target the upper body, lower body and core.
  • Review teaching skills to achieve the best performance from your clients.

8. STOTT PILATES Centered Strength with Flex-Band®: Discover the power of one of the most versatile and convenient small props in our upcoming Flex-Band workshop! Launched this year, this workshop is designed to challenge your peripheral strength, mobility and coordination, perfectly complementing your workout routine at an Essential/Intermediate level.

Workshop highlights:

  • Reinforce functional movement patterns with select STOTT PILATES exercises.
  • Explore variable loading and challenge asymmetrical support in different positions.
  • Reference numerous neuro-myofascial slings and continuities.

Please visit the schedule page of our China Symposium event for workshop details and to register.

9. STOTT PILATES Programming Protocols for Breast Cancer Rehab: Attend this comprehensive course focused on the latest theoretical information about breast cancer and its effects. This course aims to equip movement practitioners with specialized Merrithew programming protocols to support patients through every phase of their cancer journey.

Workshop highlights:

  • Discuss early diagnosis, review detection methods and identify treatments.
  • Apply our programming protocols for pre-operative and post-operative stages.
  • Review healing practices to enhance physical and emotional recovery.

Please visit the schedule page of our China Symposium event for course details and to register.

Moira Merrithew leading a Symposium Reformer workshop

10. STOTT PILATES Group Reformer Classes: Teaching Skills & Programming Choices: Ready to transform your group Reformer classes? This workshop will equip you with the skills needed to provide individual attention to your clients while energizing the entire class. Discover the secrets of using cues and corrections to safely advance your clients through a series of Reformer sessions.

Workshop highlights:

  • Learn how to apply the STOTT PILATES Principles to a group class.
  • Review the differences between teaching private and group classes.
  • Review class plans that allow your group class to progress methodically and safely.

Join us in Shenzhen, China, and discover the latest trends, techniques and insights shaping the future of mindful movement. From enlightening presentations to hands-on workshops, there's something for everyone eager to dive deeper into their Pilates practice. For registration details and to view our full schedule, click here.

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