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Instructor Training

Zenga Matwork

ZEN•GA® is a unique mind-body modality that fuses elements of Pilates, yoga, martial arts and meditation into a series of flowing movements that emphasize the breath and strengthen both body and mind

Using props and equipment, these accessible workouts are playful yet powerful, emphasizing smooth transitions, intention of the movements and focusing on the personal physical effects of movement paired with deep breathing. The gateway to a mind-body practice, ZEN•GA is designed to stimulate the fascial system and build endurance, strength, mobility and stability while cultivating a greater sense of physical awareness that extends beyond the workout experience


Foundation courses

The ZEN•GA Mat and Equipment Foundation Courses teach the principles that make up the method and shows how to apply them to movement programs designed to help clients reach their desired goals. Participants are taught how to integrate the Mindful Movement principles into energizing and strengthening workouts that improve muscle tone and function, facilitate neuromyofascial integration and increase overall wellbeing.

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Professional development and continuing education

Designed to support the groundwork learned through the Foundations Courses, a series of specially programmed workshops are available. Comprising both mat and equipment-based material, these sessions draw focus to particular areas of the course including breath, fascial lines and fluidity, providing an increased depth of knowledge. Although it helps to have prior ZEN•GA training, these workshops are not restricted to those who have completed the Foundations courses, so anyone can benefit from the information provided.

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Student testimonials

Abbey Bartasavich

All of my clients thank me after every class. They love ZEN•GA because they feel the results in their balance and stability along with improved tone in their muscles.

Abbey Bartasavich
Buffalo, US
Lorna Golombick

ZEN•GA was fantastic to address my interest in other mindful movement practices.

Lorna Golombick
Brisbane, Australia

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Zenga Matwork