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STOTT PILATES® Twist Ball™ Workout


In this workshop, participants experience a fully integrated workout using the Twist Ball, an air-filled weighted workout ball. The same size and density as a larger Mini Stability Ball, the Twist Ball features a shifting center of sand and two soft foam handles. Once whole-body movement is mastered, participants can increase the variable load and challenge the connective tissue system through new creative exercises. Learn healthy load transfer strategies using drag, pick-up and toss style movements that reinforce whole-body motion, control, strength and coordination to manage acceleration and deceleration forces. Selected exercises in this workshop created by the team at Merrithew® emphasize movement variables and fascial concepts.

Learning objectives

  1. Explore full-body movements that incorporate current fascial concepts related to exercise
  2. Discover how the Twist Ball can be added to increase challenge to mastered movements
  3. Develop the stability and control to manage a shifting weight in traditional and non-traditional movements
  4. Discuss how fascial system concepts can be integrated in a variety of standing and Mat-based exercises

Equipment used in this workshop

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