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Fitness professional education

Experts in high-quality education

A new vision for mindful movement

Our Pilates teacher training education programs incorporate the latest research in exercise science, fitness practices and knowledge, such as fascial movement, biomechanics, functional fitness and core-integrated bodyweight training, to bring the benefits of mindful movement to a wider audience.

Merrithew® Instructor Training

Over the last three decades, Merrithew’s mind-body education programs have evolved based on the latest research in health and fitness. Working with a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, we’ve created results-driven programming for exercisers of all ages, levels and abilities. Our Pilates education programs include: STOTT PILATES®, STOTT PILATES Rehab, ZEN•GA®, CORE, Total Barre®, Halo® Training and Merrithew Fascial Movement.

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As the Leaders in Mindful Movement, Merrithew has trained more than 80,000 partners worldwide, equipping instructors with the knowledge, skills and expertise to make a meaningful difference in their clients’ lives.

Our mind-body education programs are taught by more than 260 Instructor Trainers at nearly 200 Training Centers around the world, and are sought-after by professional athletes and teams, rehab hospitals, high-end hotels and gyms, retirement communities and everyone in between.

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A safe, effective and contemporary approach to the original Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation.

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A dynamic, music-driven fitness program that integrates elements of dance, Pilates, cardio and strength training.

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A unique fusion of Pilates, yoga, martial arts and meditation that restores the body’s strength, balance and flow.

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A versatile and adaptable core-integrated bodyweight training program that promotes functional strength training and stability.

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A foundational program covering the importance of the neuromyofascial system to everyday function and overall health.

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A high-intensity, results-driven athletic conditioning program that focuses on total-body power, strength and agility.

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We proudly offer

In-depth education

Our curriculum is based on our philosophy that effective and responsible exercise is the foundation of a better life. We regularly update our education to reflect the latest health and fitness research to ensure it remains relevant to fitness and health care professionals and clients.

Specialized training

Mind-body movement is beneficial for diverse populations, ages, levels and abilities. Our Specialty Programs help fitness professionals develop the specialized skills they need to work with specific groups, including amateur or elite athletes, pre and post-natal, active aging and rehab clients.

Intelligent Exercise. Exceptional Equipment

Advances in technology, research and manufacturing materials and processes influence every detail of our fitness equipment design. We take great pride in the superior craftsmanship and functionality of our equipment and accessories to ensure instructors and their clients have the best exercise experience.

Global options

Merrithew Instructor Training and certification programs are available at nearly 200 locations around the globe. These Pilates teacher training courses and workshops are offered at our Corporate Training Center in Toronto, through partner Licensed and Host Training Centers, and at Mindful Movement Symposiums. We guarantee the same high-quality instruction everywhere.

Your path to mindful movement

Merrithew Music

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Our students’ testimonials

Evangeline Brouwer

“I first experienced STOTT PILATES® training at a studio in Singapore after my injury and I really became hooked when I saw the quality and dedication of the Instructors. All of the Instructors were very experienced and passionate and each trainer brought their own unique strengths to the table. I was also very impressed with the teaching method and how it was tied to the practical application. The learning was very fluid and the themes connected.”

Evangeline Brouwer · Mississauga, Canada

Sandra Vaughn

“I wanted the challenge for both myself and my patients to provide a form of exercise that would be beneficial to all fitness levels – a movement modality that could be incorporated into my day-to-day physiotherapy practice. The STOTT PILATES® method seemed to complement what I was already teaching my patients in the clinic as a physiotherapist.”

Sandra Vaughn · Bridgetown, Barbados

Olivier Coste Renoult

“I was lucky to take the CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance and Halo® Training courses in Toronto in 2014. I honestly didn't anticipate the intensity of both courses. The kind of 'good intense' where you feel every part of your body solicited towards a common goal. Furthermore, when you feel that you are being challenged along with so many other instructors, and everyone is trying to achieve the same thing at the same time. And it all happened with smiles and laughter, which made the whole experience so delightful.”

Olivier Coste Renoult · Montpellier-Vendargues, France

Mary Lou Bacik

“I could not believe for a minute that at 68-years-old I had the stamina or the technique to do Halo® Training for seven hours. I have a right rotator cuff repair, lots of arthritis and need foot surgery. BUT I WAS ABLE TO DO IT! More miraculous to me was that I was not sore the next day. Truly, it was a real mind-expansion. The STOTT PILATES® training I'd previously received made all of it possible.”

Mary Lou Bacik · Cleveland, USA

Amanda Wynne-Jones

“A few of my clients had read about Pilates using a barre and were keen to try it. Having been certified with STOTT PILATES® I felt it would be an interesting adjunct to my teaching. With the STOTT PILATES principles as the foundation, I thought the Total Barre® program would reinforce these in a functional and equally mindful way of moving. Total Barre was a natural next step for both me and my clients and I was not disappointed. It was another fantastic and challenging Merrithew® course.”

Amanda Wynne-Jones · Tunbridge Wells, U.K.

Lorna Golombick

“I have set up a cancer rehabilitation facility and I am utilising my 20 years of physiotherapy experience combined with my 15 years of Pilates to empower my patients to live life to the fullest. Training with Merrithew® has made me passionate about getting people to move, no matter what their disability, there is always a modification that can be made to allow this to happen.”

Lorna Golombick · Brisbane, Australia

Damian Wyard

“The STOTT PILATES® Rehab Program pays particular attention to the details of the biomechanics of each exercise, and I found it was very current based on the literature. I liked how each exercise was broken down into modifications, with the rationale for each movement provided. I also liked how this course was tailored to health care professionals, with the use of case studies to illustrate how to integrate STOTT PILATES into clinical scenarios.”

Damian Wyard · Toronto, Canada

Michaela Bimbi-Dresp

“I'm very proud to be part of the mindful movement community, and I always look forward to training sessions and events. I've never seen such quality in the fitness world as I have with Merrithew®. Mindful movement improves the lives of many, especially in the modern work world where there are too many outside stressors.”

Michaela Bimbi-Dresp · Munich, Germany

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