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Exercise of the Month: Standing Integration Series

In the evolving fitness world, the Flex-Band stands out as a versatile and effective tool for enhancing strength, flexibility and body awareness. This month, the spotlight is on the Centered Strength with Flex-Band Workshop, innovatively crafted by Merrithew® Master Instructor Trainer, Jen Dahl.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the workshop, Jen shares, “I was inspired to create this workshop after I ‘rediscovered’ the Flex-Band! It was a regular part of my practice, but the last few years I used it sparingly so I challenged myself to use it in a less traditional way. The Flex-Band started to get heavy rotation when more of my client sessions moved online, and I wanted to address more asymmetrically loaded and off center orientations to highlight different pathways and levels of engagement. In this workshop, I tried to highlight the role the Flex-Band can play as both a support and constraint.”

Set to debut at the 2024 New York Symposium, this workshop is a testament to the power of creative exercise design and the profound impact of mindful movement. Led by Merrithew Master Instructor Trainer Kim Kraushar, who also owns one of the first Merrithew Licensed Training Centers in Canada, the workshop showcases the Flex-Band's potential to transform routines with its simplicity and effectiveness. As we dive into this unique exercise sequence, participants will discover new ways to challenge their bodies and refine their techniques, all with the Flex-Band.

Five Key Benefits of the Standing Integration Series:

  1. Functional Movement Reinforcement: Utilize the Flex-Band to strengthen functional movement patterns — such as squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, rotating and gait patterns — providing both resistance and sensory feedback.
  2. Asymmetrical Support: Challenge and enhance your body's balance and awareness by employing unique band positions to focus on the central axis.
  3. Whole-Body Engagement: Activate long-chain myofascial continuities, facilitated by the Flex-Band.
  4. Guide Movements: Use the Flex-Band to direct movement and streamline focus for high-quality execution.
  5. Balance and Stability: Improve balance, stability and mobility, particularly in the feet, ankles and knees, through targeted Flex-Band exercises.

Experience Kim’s expertise first-hand and join us at the New York Symposium from May 2-4, 2024!

Immerse yourself in the Centered Strength with Flex-Band workshop, discovering techniques that will surely enhance your Pilates practice.

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