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Education programs

Our education offering illustrates the evolution of mindful movement and how our premium Pilates program, STOTT PILATES®, is the foundation upon which our new and growing mind-body modalities are based. The modern principles of exercise science are inherent in all of our modalities while also incorporating newer fitness practices such as fascial fitness, biomechanics of movement, functional fitness and core-integrated bodyweight training, all while maintaining the mind-body connection.

Our programs broaden our reach in the health and fitness industry providing opportunities for personal trainers, health care professionals, group fitness instructors, athletes and other specialists to diversify their knowledge base and cater to a wider client base.

Mindful Movement can be practiced by all ages, fitness backgrounds and abilities – helping professionals and clients lead healthier, more active and mindful lives.

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Foundational knowledge for any movement professional
Fascial Movement  |  Functional Anatomy

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A barre program that integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training with music. Learn multiple layers of choreography along with the detailed biomechanics of the movement to progress clients from an intro class to an endurance barre workout.

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A contemporary approach to the original Pilates exercise method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. With flexible career paths, learn programming for groups or private clients of any age or fitness level – from post-rehab patients to elite athletes.

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An athletic conditioning and performance training program emphasizing quality of movement while maintaining intensity. Learn to integrate mind-body principles with functional fitness, create complete interval training workouts or integrate select elements into your client sessions.

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A unique mind-body program supported by the latest research in neuromyofascial training. Mat- and equipment-based courses combine elements of movement and flow with connection and control. Learn to program workouts that improve strength, endurance and mobility while stimulating the nervous system to optimize the mind-body connection.

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This multifunctional and three-dimensional training provides overall body conditioning to your clients. Learn to incorporate the Halo® Trainer Plus for strength and endurance work, flexibility training, interval training and injury prevention.

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