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For businesses

Limited resources, space or budget can seem like barriers to studios and clubs that want to add to, or offer, mind-body programs. Our Education and Equipment consultants are seasoned fitness industry professionals who work with countless facilities, big and small, to customize solutions that grow with you and set you up for future success.

5 steps to ensure the success of your mind-body business

Working with the right supplier to help you plan your mind-body programming is key to your success. Whether you have a permanent or a multi-purpose space, the right consultants will help ensure you make the best decisions for your facility to increase profits and maintain a consistent clientele for years to come.

  1. Create and hire qualified instructors

    Send your staff to one of over 100 training locations around the world. Or, if there is no training in your area, work with us to host training at your facility

    Find out more about hosting
  2. Determine available space for appropriate programming

    We’ll explain the different types of studios you can establish, and advise how much equipment is required to meet your programming needs, and assist you with an online interactive floor planning tool to help you visualize a variety of options

    Design your own studio
  3. Lease equipment to get started right away

    Lease equipment with our preferred partners and start generating revenue before you pay, with our 90-day deferral program

    Consider leasing
  4. Props and accessories to add variety to your classes

    Discover all of the available fitness accessories that will help you create strong, effective programs – giving you everything you need to help your clients meet their health and fitness goals

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  5. Comprehensive marketing support

    Our experienced marketing and communications team can consult with you on setting up or optimizing your website and social media channels, provide high-quality images and supply access to content to aid in promoting your business

    Visit marketing support