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Industry-leading exercise equipment

Perfectly suited Pilates equipment for professional and home use

Craftsmanship, commitment and innovation

Merrithew® has dedicated more than 30 years to building, crafting and perfecting high-quality exercise equipment for professional and personal use. Using only premium materials and the finest manufacturing processes in the industry, our equipment is versatile, durable and used by fitness and health care professionals around the world. Our care and craftsmanship is evident in every detail

Our premium Pilates exercise equipment

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Whether it’s the At-home, Professional or Rehab model, our Reformers are synonymous with premium quality and the finest manufacturing in the industry

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Pilates barrels add versatility to your studio space and allow for a wider variety of programming options

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Shop STOTT PILATES Cadillac and Wall Units

Cadillac · Spring Wall · Wall Units

Multiple spring lengths, tensions and attachment points mean functional exercises for all levels and challenges in many planes of motion

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Shop STOTT PILATES Stability Chairs

Stability Chair

Ideal for rehab clients or those who need to stay in a seated or upright position, helping rebalance muscles while providing a full-body workout

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Shop Halo Trainer bodyweight exercise tool

Halo® Trainer Plus

This multidimensional tool offers a full-body workout. Use your own bodyweight to engage muscles, build strength, flexibility and condition the whole body

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Shop STOTT PILATES Stability Barres

Stability Barre

Combine functional standing leg exercises with traditional ballet at the barre to create fun and dynamic group exercise classes

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Shop STOTT PILATES Reformer Springs and Equipment Parts

Springs · Replacement parts

Keep your exercise equipment functioning safely and effectively with new springs and genuine replacement parts

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Online tools and support for Pilates businesses

Our team of experts is here to support you with tools and resources to help you plan, build and grow your business.

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