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Instructor Training

STOTT PILATES Rehab Instructor Training

Build a larger client base and extend client interaction post-rehab with the STOTT PILATES® Rehab Program

Designed for licensed health care professionals, including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and medical and sports medicine doctors wishing to integrate modified STOTT PILATES® exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation into their practices, STOTT PILATES Rehab is a full-body, systemic approach to post-rehab exercise using small props and a wide variety of space-saving equipment


Rehab courses

Learn a systematic, movement-based approach to neuromuscular re-education based on the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles, how to observe and understand optimal and non-optimal movement strategies, how these correlate with pain and pathology, and how to layer exercise to design effective programming and workout composition for personal and group scenarios.

The Rehab Program offers hands-on practice and personal evaluation in modules, and immediate practical application after the completion of each module.

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Student testimonials

Damian Wyard

“The STOTT PILATES Rehab Program gave me the knowledge and confidence to start my own business. I knew that adding Pilates to my manual therapy training was going to give me a unique and very effective approach. It has completely changed the way I work with patients and overall, my work as a physiotherapist is much more rewarding!”

Damian Wyard
MSc PT, Founder · Pilates4Physio

Ong Lip Qin

“The STOTT PILATES Rehab Program made a drastic change in my treatment approach. I learned how to use the principles of Pilates to identify dysfunctional movement patterns and design a customized rehab treatment program using the Pilates method.”

Ong Lip Qin
Physiotherapist, Founder · Precise Rehab

Sara Baker

“My ultimate goal was to use Pilates along with traditional physical therapy modalities, like manual therapy, to serve clients across the full spectrum, from rehab to wellness, fitness and prevention in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment where health care professionals and fitness professionals would be under one roof. The STOTT PILATES Rehab Program really informed and influenced me.”

Sara Baker
Physiotherapist, Founder and President · Inspire Health

Wataru Kamiizumi

“I wanted to be able to give my clients advice on how to control the body, how to heal themselves. I wanted to find an alternative way of taking care of people. As a physiotherapist, I also wanted a competitive edge. I found it with the STOTT PILATES Rehab Program.”

Wataru Kamiizumi
Physical Therapist, Founder · Bcube® Pilates & Fitness

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