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“Great selection of equipment, reasonable prices and quick delivery. I've ordered several times and always a good experience”

by Sally Browder

At Merrithew®, we believe in the transformative power of movement. For over three decades, we have been dedicated to providing innovative and effective fitness solutions that inspire people to lead healthier, happier lives. Our commitment to excellence and passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals has made us a trusted name in the industry.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from individuals who have achieved their fitness goals, improved their strength and flexibility, and experienced overall well-being through our equipment and programs. Learn from Pilates enthusiasts to fitness professionals who have advanced their careers and expanded their client base with the help of our cutting-edge education and training.

Take a moment to browse our testimonials and get inspired by the real-life experiences of individuals who have embraced the Merrithew difference.

Customer reviews

Hear what Pilates Studio owners have to say about Merrithew Equipment and Education


“The team at Merrithew® has been excellent, a real pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process from sales to aftercare. Moreover, the team went above and beyond to store and hold the Reformer beds when we faced a delay. This patience was greatly appreciated.”

Michelle Stoodley · Marketing Director at
London, United Kingdom


“We are thrilled with the sleek design and impeccable performance of the Merrithew® Reformers. Our Reformers are used by gym members of all ages and sizes, and they support every person. We highly recommend these Reformers to studios and gyms looking for equipment that can handle anything.”

Joely Davie · Master Franchise Owner at World Gym


“We are proud to partner with Merrithew® and its premier brand STOTT PILATES® as it is globally recognized as being the safest and most effective method available for this form of exercise. Working with Merrithew is seamless”

Jo Bullock · Spa Director at Stanley House
Lancashire, England


“At our Australian locations, the Reformer classes continue to be the most popular among our clients. We have many instructors certified in STOTT PILATES® and they love the Merrithew® Reformers for their functionality and adaptability for different clients”

Mark Seeto · National Group Exercise Manager at Virgin Active Australia
Sydney, Australia


“Merrithew® helped me further my goals and dreams for my business. It’s a one-stop shop for education and equipment. STOTT PILATES® is an ideal complement to Inspire Health’s physical therapy practice because of its emphasis on quality of movement (neuromuscular re-education) and body awareness”

Sara Baker · Founder of Inspire Health
Atlanta, US


“I first experienced STOTT PILATES® training at a studio in Singapore after my injury and I really became hooked when I saw the quality and dedication of the Instructors. All of the Instructors were very experienced and passionate and each trainer brought their own unique strengths to the table. I was also very impressed with the teaching method and how it was tied to the practical application. The learning was very fluid and the themes connected.”

Evangeline Brouwer · Mississauga, Canada


“I wanted the challenge for both myself and my patients to provide a form of exercise that would be beneficial to all fitness levels – a movement modality that could be incorporated into my day-to-day physiotherapy practice. The STOTT PILATES® method seemed to complement what I was already teaching my patients in the clinic as a physiotherapist.”

Sandra Vaughn · Bridgetown, Barbados


“I was lucky to take the CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance and Halo® Training courses in Toronto in 2014. I honestly didn't anticipate the intensity of both courses. The kind of 'good intense' where you feel every part of your body solicited towards a common goal. Furthermore, when you feel that you are being challenged along with so many other instructors, and everyone is trying to achieve the same thing at the same time. And it all happened with smiles and laughter, which made the whole experience so delightful.”

Olivier Coste Renoult · Montpellier-Vendargues, France

Customer reviews on our best-sellers

Bundle: Stability Chair with Handles

"This offers an amazing workout! Unique and specific areas can be focused on! And fun to incorporate with Pilates Reformer work!! My husband and I both love it!!!"

Susan Myers

V2 Max Reformer Bundle

"I love this equipment. I upgraded from a different maker and lower quality machine. What a huge difference. I look forward to many great workouts."

David Bobo

At Home V2 Max Reformer Package

"This Reformer is quite a piece of machinery! It’s incredibly well-built and high-quality, as someone who is using it for personal use, I am certain it will last a lifetime. I can’t imagine a better reformer or customer service being on the market, if you’re even considering a reformer, do not hesitate to purchase from Merrithew!"

Lauren M - Cleveland, USA

Deluxe Pilates Mat (Midnight Blue)

"The mat is just what I needed: protection for my hip bones when doing exercises lying on one side. The material seems to be robust, returns immediately to its shape, is easily rolled and unrolled as needed"

Lynette E - Milan, Italy

"Lovely company, great content! Despite shipping from Canada, my books came just in time for my second week of class!"


"Merrithew is a fantastic pilates training and equipment facility."

Body Essentials Massage Therapy