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About us

About us

Lindsay Merrithew

Leaders in Mindful Movement

We founded Merrithew® in 1988, with the aim of developing high-integrity fitness education programs, equipment and services to help fitness professionals and enthusiasts fulfill their potential. Our philosophy is that effective, responsible and mindful exercise is the foundation of a better life – and should be accessible regardless of age, fitness level or ability.

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Working with a team of physical therapists, engineers, sports medicine and fitness professionals, we continue to develop and innovate our education, equipment and products in line with the latest exercise science research and fitness knowledge, while maintaining our commitment to safety, effectiveness, quality and originality.

In the last three decades, as the popularity, understanding and awareness of the benefits of mindful movement have expanded around the world, we have adapted our education programs to further reflect the importance of mind-body awareness, connection, focus and body control. Our programs have evolved to accommodate more diverse populations and exercise needs, and are sought-after by elite athletes wanting to improve their overall performance, to rehab patients looking to restore movement in their bodies, and active aging patrons seeking to improve their quality of life.

Through our premium equipment and education programs, we provide services and solutions to help fitness professionals and health care practitioners grow their businesses and client bases through mind-body movement.

We’re honored to be recognized as The Professional’s Choice by studios, fitness facilities and fitness professionals worldwide.

Lindsay G. Merrithew · Co-Founder, President & CEO

Pilates group class

Our mission

Merrithew's mission is to motivate people of all ages and life stages to lead healthier lives through high-quality education programs and cutting-edge equipment. We do this by supporting and inspiring people worldwide to achieve optimal fitness and wellness through premium programming and equipment. Our mission is based on the value we place on education, connection, respect, passion, integrity, leadership, accountability and quality.

World-class education

Merrithew has trained more than 80,000 partners worldwide in mind-body movement. Under the guidance and leadership of Moira Merrithew, our premium Pilates program, STOTT PILATES®, is one of the most sought-after training modalities in the industry. This contemporary approach to the original exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, is one of the safest, most effective methods of exercise available. It emphasizes the importance of moving mindfully— with intention, focus and awareness to connect the mind and body.

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Based on the principles of STOTT PILATES, and incorporating mindfulness practices the most up-to-date research in health and fitness, Merrithew’s other education programs include, ZEN•GA®, CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training, Total Barre®, Halo® Training and Merrithew® Fascial Movement, as well as a library of professional and consumer video and digital content.

Industry-leading equipment

Merrithew has dedicated more than 30 years to building, crafting and perfecting high quality exercise equipment for professional and personal use, under the guidance and leadership of Lindsay Merrithew. Using the highest quality materials and finest manufacturing processes in the industry, our equipment is versatile, durable and built to last, and is used by fitness and health care professionals around the world. Our care and craftsmanship is evident in every detail.

Our history

Our history

In 1988, Lindsay and Moira Merrithew opened their first Pilates studio in Toronto, Canada. Recognizing a growing market demand for Pilates and a scarcity of suppliers, Lindsay, President & CEO, focused on building and diversifying the business and developing their proprietary line of Pilates equipment. Moira, Executive Director, Education, who had certified as an Instructor at the original Pilates studio in New York, began training clients in conjunction with developing a comprehensive teacher training program.

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Together, they realized that the benefits of Pilates could help people of all ages and abilities, so the entrepreneurs set out to demystify and bring awareness to the method, making it available to a wider audience.

With a team of business and health and fitness experts, Lindsay created a vertical approach to the business with strict attention to detail at every level, from equipment to programming. Much of Merrithew’s equipment is manufactured and assembled at the company plant in Toronto, Canada. Meanwhile, the Corporate Training Center at Merrithew’s corporate headquarters is the nexus for Instructor Training and education programming. Merrithew’s network of Licensed Training Centers and distributors stretches around the globe, and the community of Certified Instructors and clients is continuously expanding.

Company founded

Danforth Avenue studio opens in Toronto, Ontario

Equipment manufacturing division established

Education division established to train and certify Instructors

First manufacturing facility opens on Carlaw Avenue in Toronto, Ontario

First Licensed Training Center opens in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

First training video produced. Danforth studio is sold. Corporate Training Center opens and global headquarters moves to current location on Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario

Merrithew® is recognized as one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by PROFIT Magazine. Merrithew will go on to win this recognition in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004

Over 45,000 trained worldwide. Extensive global network of Training Centers and international distributors established

Over 60,000 trained worldwide

Merrithew celebrates 30 years in business

Merrithew launches its digital streaming platform Merrithew Connect

Merrithew team

Join our team!

Merrithew is a fast-growing, innovative global fitness brand headquartered in Midtown Toronto, Canada with a manufacturing facility in Scarborough, Canada. We’re looking for passionate, enthusiastic and solutions-oriented people to join our team. Our goal is to bring the benefits of mindful movement to people around the world. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, apply now to join our team!