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Exercise of the Month: Breast Cancer Pre and Post Operative Sequences

In the realm of rehabilitation, it’s important to understand the pivotal role of exercise in the recovery journey for breast cancer patients. This month, we spotlight the STOTT PILATES® Programming Protocols for Breast Cancer Rehab course, led by Merrithew® Master Instructor Trainer, PJ O'Clair. Designed to provide comprehensive support for patients at every stage of their cancer journey, PJ's expertise shines in this course, first introduced at the New York Symposium in May 2023. The course makes a much-anticipated return at the 2024 New York Symposium, where PJ will directly teach participants, offering an opportunity to enhance their knowledge.

Renowned for her profound insight into rehabilitative movement, PJ will guide practitioners through the nuanced landscape of breast cancer care. Our February Exercise of the Month video gives a sneak peek into the powerful impact these exercises can have, highlighting the professional development opportunities that await at the New York Symposium.

Featured Exercises from the Course

Soft Kettlebell Exercise:

PJ introduces the STOTT PILATES Swimming Preps exercise, utilizing the unique resistance of a Soft Kettlebell to foster a sense of grounding and pelvic stability. Performed on an Arc Barrel, this exercise demonstrates a thoughtful approach to both pre-operative and post-operative care embodied in the course.

Mini-Stability Balls Exercise:

Highlighting the use of the Mini Stability Ball, this segment emphasizes tailored exercises that improve cellular communication. These movements are pivotal in reducing scar tissue and promoting overall tissue health through gentle, oscillatory motions.

Enjoyed working out with PJ? Join us at the New York Symposium from May 2-4, 2024!

Experience PJ's expertise in person at the New York Symposium and immerse yourself in the Programming Protocols for Breast Cancer Rehab course. Dive deep into the course and explore comprehensive and evidence-based strategies to enrich your practice.

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