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The 2024 Merrithew® Mindful Movement Symposium is back in China!

2024 Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium in China

We're thrilled to announce our return to China for the highly anticipated Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium! Join us from June 21-23, 2024 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Shenzhen, China, for three days of immersive learning and networking opportunities. This is your chance to upgrade your skills, earn your Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and connect with fellow fitness professionals and enthusiasts.

Our latest course debut, coupled with specialized workshops in China, presents a unique opportunity for students to dive into the world of Merrithew, STOTT PILATES® and mind-body fitness. With training sessions led by seasoned instructors, this symposium is expertly crafted to ignite a passion for wellness and personal growth among Pilates professionals and enthusiasts.

Instructor leading workshop at China Symposium

The following programming is coming to China! Be among the first to learn and introduce these exciting programs to your clients, gym members, students or Pilates studio community.

STOTT PILATES Programming Protocols for Breast Cancer Rehab

The Programming Protocols for Breast Cancer Rehab Course aims to review the latest theoretical information on breast cancer and provide movement practitioners with specific Merrithew programming protocols for guiding patients through all stages of their cancer journey. One exercise you can expect to learn in this course is the “STOTT PILATES Swimming Preps” exercise, utilizing a Soft Kettlebell Plus. This exercise, suitable for pre-operative and post-operative care, fosters a sense of grounding and pelvic stability. Check out this Exercise of the Month feature to learn more.

STOTT PILATES Athletic Conditioning: Performance Enhancing Progressions and Sequences on the Reformer

The Athletic Conditioning Performance Enhancing Progressions and Sequences on the Reformer Workshop is designed to improve strength, power and agility. Based on the four critical components of Athletic Conditioning, you will learn how to help your clients build strength and endurance, improve movement and enhance overall athletic preparedness. One exercise to look out for in this workshop is the “Sit, Kneel to Stand,” which improves hip mobility and activates the myofascial sling by integrating limb movement through the core. Check out this Exercise of the Month feature to learn more.

STOTT PILATES Centered Strength with Flex-Band®

The Centered Strength with Flex-Band Workshop illuminates the transformative power of the Flex-Band, showing how its simplicity and effectiveness can diversify your fitness routine. One of the goals of this workshop is to reinforce functional movement patterns in conjunction with select exercises from the STOTT PILATES Movement System. Join our upcoming workshop in China to discover how you can use the Flex-Band to challenge your clients’ peripheral strength, mobility and coordination, while guiding them toward centeredness. Check out this Exercise of the Month feature to learn more.

Other exciting workshops to look out for at the China Symposium include:

Meet the expert trainers coming to China

Master Instructor Trainer – Kim Kraushar

Kim Kraushar

An established figure in North America's health and wellness sector and beyond, Kim has built an impressive reputation as a leader. A Merrithew Master Instructor Trainer and an integral member of the education programming team, representing STOTT PILATES, ZEN•GA®, CORE, Halo® Training and Total Barre programming, she is the proud owner of one of the first Merrithew Licensed Training Centers in Canada. Look forward to her sessions in China!

Lead Instructor Trainer – Carol Earle

Carol Earle

Carol, a distinguished Lead Instructor Trainer at Merrithew, specializes in all branded programming, including STOTT PILATES, Total Barre, ZEN•GA, Halo Training, CORE and Merrithew Fascial Movement. She is based out of New England’s Northeast Pilates Education Center and plays a vital role in the ZEN•GA and CORE programming teams. With over two decades of experience, you don’t want to miss her sessions.

Lead Instructor Trainer - Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke

Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke

Rouxchelle embodies Merrithew's spirit with her unwavering passion and enthusiasm, which resonates throughout her work. She is fully certified in STOTT PILATES and is a Lead Instructor Trainer specializing in Matwork & Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, ISP, Total Barre, Halo Training and Merrithew Fascial Movement. She is also a Qualified Instructor in ZEN•GA, CORE and Merrithew Fascial Movement. Renowned for fostering an environment of love and support, be sure to attend Rouxchelle’s sessions in China.

Book your stay

Make accommodation plans as soon as possible to ensure you have a place to stay before traveling to Shenzen, China. Please take advantage of our group rate discount when booking a room.

Featuring in-depth courses and expert trainers, the 2024 China Symposium is a must-attend event for those looking to upskill and propel their careers to new heights. For registration details and to view our full schedule, click here.

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