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Cueing & Sensory Awareness Influenced by ZEN•GA® Mindful Movement


In this 2-hour introductory workshop we showcase how ZEN•GA is an approachable and accessible gateway into the world of Mindful Movement. We briefly review the ZEN•GA Mindful Movement Principles – Breathing, Support, Yield and Flow – and then put them to practice with a ZEN•GA workout. Throughout the workout we experience an imagery-based practice and invite you to sense how the use of Mindful Movement Principles enhances the somatic quality of each movement.

Learning objectives

  1. Discuss the essence of Mindful Movement
  2. Review various concepts and tools used in ZEN•GA Mindful Movement
  3. Define the benefits of ZEN•GA
  4. Experience ZEN•GA Mindful Movement Principles through movement

Equipment used in this workshop

  1. Mat
  2. Flex-Band®
  3. Large Mini Stability Ball
  4. Small or Extra Small Mini Stability Ball

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