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Build Focus and Flow with this New Specialty Track

A sense of flow and fluidity can make a good workout great.

The new Interdisciplinary Track workshops teach STOTT PILATES® modifications that focus on balance, control, fascia and restoration and result in fluid and harmonious workouts, and are aimed at fitness professionals, Pilates, yoga and group fitness instructors.

Using unique small props such as the Mini Foam Roller and small weights, the workshops emphasize flow and fluid movements with a focus on fascial fitness. Many are mat-based, which allow Instructors to build and enhance workouts in other modalities that don’t utilize large equipment, such as the Reformer.

Mindful movement empowers clients by helping them understand how the body moves. Layering mindful movement onto other modalities, such as athletic conditioning or sports-specific training, can increase client interest and increase client bases across all fitness modalities.

Interdisciplinary Track workshops

Matwork Flow Conditioning Sequence Workout
Bring a sense of flow and energy to any Matwork routine with this enlightening workout. Using breath to promote focus and the quality of movement, learn innovative movement transitions and discover sequences designed to increase overall body conditioning and control. Exercises are selected to improve strength and stability along with flexibility and suppleness.

Matwork Flow with Weights
This workshop features a series of flowing sequences that promotes breath to enhance the quality of movement, energizing the body and calming the mind. Small, handheld weights are incorporated into this challenging flowing series, creating a greater awareness of the periphery, while the essential breath patterns maintain mindfulness of the quality of movement.

Matwork Flow with Ankle Tubing
Designed to enhance body awareness, muscular strength, motor control and joint mobility, this workshop takes a fresh look at fascia-oriented training through STOTT PILATES Matwork Flow exercises using ankle tubing. Learn how to creatively incorporate elastic resistance into a series of Essential and Intermediate exercises. The seamless, flowing sequences take you through all movement planes, while exercise variations allow for easy progression or regression, making the workout suitable for most fitness levels.

Mini Foam Roller Flow
Dynamic exercises can help develop more physical control. Flowing sequences require more endurance from the working muscles and fluid conditioning helps develop deeper connections throughout the body. In this workshop, learn flowing exercise sequences using a softer and shorter Foam Roller that will aid in hydrating and mobilizing fascia while increasing joint range of motion and mental focus. Transitions between movements require strength and stability as well as coordination and concentration, fostering a sense of heightened awareness and self-perception.

Stability Barrel: Create Balance & Control
Explore the integration of fascial connections in STOTT PILATES training. Learn to use the Stability Barrel to support full-range, multidimensional movements that unlock the body’s potential as a system of movement. When inverted, the Stability Barrel can sustain full body weight to target balance and control. With a focus on multiplanar form and function, this programming helps create deeper mental focus and the concentration needed to develop core strength, increase flexibility and achieve greater balance and kinesthetic awareness.

Stability Barrel Flow: Intermediate Challenge
Discover the evolution of STOTT PILATES through a unique movement experience. See how the expertly-designed Stability Barrel supports full-body, intermediate-level exercises, allowing for increased multidimensional movements that hone in on the concept of ‘flow’. Beginning with ideas of postural rehabilitation and muscle rebalancing, explore how newer ideas of fascial integration, proprioception and preparatory counter-movements are being incorporated in a workout that goes to the next level.

Stability Chair Flow Workout
Breathe new life into Stability Chair workouts with the spring resistance of the Split-Pedal Stability Chair with flowing choreography that encompasses the entire body. Learn how to fully mobilize the spine, hips and shoulders while integrating fascial awareness. Progressive sequences incorporate full flexion, extension and spiral movements that help unleash tensions and muscular restrictions. Enjoy the benefits of this invigorating workout that will revitalize body and soul.

Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus
This workshop provides Instructors with the tools to incorporate new fascial research concepts within the body of the STOTT PILATES Essential Matwork repertoire. Following the Essential Matwork order, participants explore how exercise essences can be enhanced with new fascial research concepts, inspiring a new movement experience. Discover seamless, flowing exercise sequences that take the body through multiple planes of movement. This workshop will spark creativity in programming and allow participants to tap into their innate body wisdom to find alternate variations that best suit their movement potential.

Programming for Foundational Movement
In this workshop you'll experience a standing, multi-planar warm up incorporating STOTT PILATES® basic principles and foundational movement patterns. Learn, through these patterns, to assess mobility, stability, balance and sensory awareness. Execute exercise variables including fascial movement concepts to increase mobility and create dynamic stability. This workshop is designed to assist instructors with tools to fine tune their programs and to help improve their clients' overall physical condition, making them more resilient to injury.

Adding a Specialty Track Designation to your credentials is great way to hone your skill set for a given market segment. Being recognized as a Specialist in the field gives you the ability to develop specialty programming for your clientele and puts you in high demand as an Instructor. The new Interdisciplinary Specialty Track will equip you with a well-rounded tool kit that will expand your knowledge of modifications for unique groups.

For more information on the Interdisciplinary Track, contact an Education Advisor at or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300.

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