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Workshop details

Difficulty Essential
Duration 2 hours



In this workshop, participants discover how to use the information gathered from the foundational movement assessments in Part A, to effectively program a floor-based session. Starting with a dynamic warm-up that integrates the multiplanar functional assessment incorporating the STOTT PILATES Basic Principles as it reinforces these important movement patterns. A variety of props including the Stability Barrel, Flex-Band®, Mini Stability Ball® and Toning Balls, are also included to explore programming options that will address some of the more common movement dysfunctions that may be encountered. Then exercise variables and fascial movement concepts will be executed to increase mobility and dynamic stability.

Specialty tracks


Learning objectives

  1. Review simple foundational movement assessments that will provide information on a client’s level of mobility, stability and sensory awareness
  2. Explore how to address your findings with the STOTT PILATES Matwork repertoire
  3. Discover how the use of props can improve movement patterns, muscle firing and body awareness
  4. Understand how new interdisciplinary concepts can be applied to any client’s current program

Equipment used in this workshop

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