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Mini Foam Roller Flow

Workshop details

Difficulty Essential / Intermediate
Duration 2 hours


canfitpro 1.0
REPs 2.0
ACE 0.2
ACE approved continuing education REPs independently endorsed education canfitpro approved continuing education

Dynamic exercises can help develop more physical control. Flowing sequences require more endurance from the working muscles and fluid conditioning helps develop deeper connections throughout the body. In this workshop created by the programming team at Merrithew, learn flowing exercise sequences using a softer and shorter Foam Roller that will aid in hydrating and mobilizing fascia while increasing joint range of motion and mental focus. Transitions between movements require strength and stability as well as coordination and concentration, fostering a sense of heightened awareness and self-perception.

Specialty tracks


Learning objectives

  1. Explore flowing sequences using a Foam Roller Soft Density.
  2. Understand how flowing exercises can positively affect strength, mobility and focus.
  3. Discuss how fascia can be targeted with rolling and hydrating movements.
  4. Discover how concentration can increase overall body awareness.

Equipment used in the workshop

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