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Stability Barrel Flow: Intermediate Challenge

Workshop details

Difficulty Intermediate
Duration 2 hours


REPs 2.0
REPs independently endorsed education

Discover the evolution of STOTT PILATES® through a unique movement experience. See how the expertly designed Stability Barrel supports full-body, intermediate-level exercises allowing for increased multidimensional movements that hone in on the concept of ‘flow’. See how the Merrithew movement specialists progress individual moves from a completely supported and stable position to one that requires increasing levels of balance and control. Use the Stability Barrel as the setting for a journey through the advancement of this method that continues to grow and expound through research and development. Beginning with the ideas of postural rehabilitation and muscle rebalancing, explore how newer ideas of fascial integration, proprioception and preparatory counter-movements are being incorporated in a workout that goes to the next level.

Specialty tracks


Learning objectives

  1. Explore how the STOTT PILATES® method has progressed through a series of intermediate-level exercises on the Stability Barrel.
  2. Learn exercises that feature the concepts of proprioception, fascial integration and flow.
  3. Experience the instability created when the barrel is inverted.
  4. Learn how exercise progressions increase challenge to strength and stability.

Equipment used in the workshop


Mind-Body Instructors, Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors

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