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Equipped: Expand your Business with Group Classes

Building client bases is a crucial element of maintaining a thriving business.

Holding a variety of group classes is key — but not every fitness studio has the space for the equipment necessary for group Reformer classes.

Using a variety of different pieces of smaller equipment and accessories can help studio owners access different client bases without sacrificing space, for a better bottom line.

Halo Trainer

Halo® Trainer Plus

The Halo® Trainer Plus intensifies any workout, offering clients challenging, cardio-intensive group exercise that builds on, and can be used with, other mind-body modalities. Halo Training is broken down into levels, and the workouts are timed, encouraging clients to work to surpass their personal best, mark progress and set new benchmarks. The Halo Trainer Plus easily stacks one on top of the other, for efficient use of space.

Exercise on the Pilates Chair

Stability Chair

For studios that don’t have the space for large equipment, the Stability Chair is an excellent opportunity to maximize space and offer group classes that focus on functional movement exercises. Many Reformer exercises can be performed on the Stability Chair, and it is suitable for any body type or fitness level.

Stretches with the Pilates Barrel

Ladder Barrel

Cater to a more advanced client base with group classes on the Ladder Barrel. This non-traditional piece of equipment offers challenging exercises in different planes of movement, including the chronal plane, and exercise options that increase range of motion and mobility.

Total Barre ballet bar workout

Stability Barre

A Stability Barre can add a range of exercise options for group classes. Stability Barres can be mounted on walls or portable, making it easy to transform a space into a barre studio for one class and revert to a Mat class for the next.

Agility training

Agility Training

Perfect for group classes who want an exercise challenge, Agility Training products, including Agility Cones, Agility Disks, Agility Hoops, Reaction Balls, Agility Ladders and Medicine Balls, can create sport-specific exercises to cater to weekend warriors and sports teams. These props and accessories are easy to store, and can be used in outdoor spaces for versatile and intense workouts.

For more information on building your business with smaller equipment and accessories, contact us at, or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 288.

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