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STOTT PILATES® At Home Cardio Workout Jump Series: Side-lying, Jump and Adduct Hip
Build endurance in your at-home Pilates practice with this exercise
STOTT PILATES® Rehab: Glute Activation: Footpress on Long Box
Master Instructor Trainer Wayne Seeto instructs in this exercise designed to activate the glutes
STOTT PILATES® At Home Cardio Workout Jump Series: Abducted, Hip Distance Apart, Adducted
Get your heart rate up with this exercise that works the legs and glutes
Four Ways to Earn CECs You May Not Be Aware Of
Earning CECs is key to maintaining Certification. These four ways can help you out
Exercise of the Month: STOTT PILATES® Rehab: Rotator Cuff Injuries: Scapulae Isolation with the Halo® Trainer Plus
Help clients with rotator cuff issues with these exercises
Ask the Expert: Knees Barred?
Can sensitive knees keep you from enjoying a Total Barre® class?
Instructor Spotlight: Mary Huckle
Mary Huckle was the healthiest she’d ever been in her life. Then, at 41, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pilates has played an integral role in Mary’s recovery and treatment
CORE™ for Youth: Crab Walk Drill
Build strength in the posterior chain and full-body coordination with this CORE™ exercise
CORE for Youth: Cone Skipping Drill
Build a fun CORE™ class for young people with this exercise that builds core strength and coordination.