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A Guide for Studio Owners: How to Get Started or Upgrade Your Existing Studio

In recent years, the health and wellness industry has experienced a significant surge in interest. According to the latest research, the global Pilates and Yoga studios market size will reach USD 1 million in 2028. As the pursuit of healthier lifestyles gains momentum, Pilates studios have become pivotal spaces for individuals seeking a balanced, holistic approach to exercise.

From making the most out of small spaces to setting up studios by the beach, the Pilates landscape has evolved. However, the success of a Pilates studio isn’t solely reliant on the location, expertise of instructors or the efficacy of the exercises. It equally hinges on the studio’s ambiance, functionality, and the overall experience it provides to its clientele.

Berliner Pilates studio interior

Image credit: Maria von Staa for Berliner Pilates.

Join us in conversation with Merrithew-equipped studio owners who share insight on the strategic considerations and steps involved in setting up or upgrading a Pilates studio, focusing on equipment selection, space utilization, and creating a welcoming atmosphere to enhance the overall client experience.

Deborah Degano, Berliner Pilates

“Creating a Pilates studio in cities with limited space like Berlin is challenging yet rewarding. Balancing functionality, varied equipment, and an inviting ambiance is crucial for a successful setup, profoundly influencing client experience and business success,” says Deborah, Merrithew Instructor Trainer and founder of Merrithew Host Training Center, Berliner Pilates.

Planning and setting up

“Our journey led us to a space that balanced coziness with spaciousness, with a crucial emphasis on having two distinct rooms: one for small group classes and another for personalized training,” Deborah says.

To make the most of the space, Deborah chose a mix of equipment to offer diverse classes. The studio has V2 Max Plus Reformers and SPX® Max Reformers with Reformer Boxes, and Mat Converters. This setup facilitates a dynamic range of classes, making sure there’s something for everyone regardless of their fitness level.

Berliner Pilates studio with Reformers and Pilates accessories

Image credit: Maria von Staa for Berliner Pilates.

Selecting high-quality equipment for your Pilates studio is crucial as it ensures safety, durability, and effectiveness in practice. Superior equipment not only enhances the overall experience for clients but also supports proper form, alignment, and progression, ultimately contributing to better results and client satisfaction.

Berliner studio interior

Image credit: Maria von Staa for Berliner Pilates.

“Merrithew is our go-to for Pilates equipment. The choice was simple— the exceptional quality and durability their products offer. In our experience, the equipment has not only lasted but has continued to perform optimally, even after many years of use. Needless to say, our clients love them as well!” Deborah says.

Maximizing space utilization

Creating an effective layout was pivotal. In the group classroom, the 'mirrored' arrangement of Reformers allows clear visibility and adequate space for instructors to intervene as needed. Additionally, strategic shelving solutions maximized space and enabled us to organize props efficiently.

Fitness Circles on display at Berliner Pilates studio

Image credit: Maria von Staa for Berliner Pilates.

“For personalized sessions, we’ve invested in a diverse range of equipment to cater to individual needs. From Reformers equipped with various add-ons to selecting the perfect Pilates accessories to complement each workout, Merrithew equipment and props allowed us to provide an adaptable training space,” Deborah says.

Budgeting and studio atmosphere

“It's crucial for new Pilates studio owners to carefully plan and project revenue and costs. Starting small and gradually expanding equipment as the business grows is a prudent strategy.

“Regardless of budget constraints, infusing creativity and personal touch into the studio space is key. Resisting fleeting trends and opting for a harmonious blend of space, equipment, furniture, and artwork can create a unique and inviting atmosphere,” Deborah says.

Berliner Pilates front desk display

Image credit: Maria von Staa for Berliner Pilates.

Wataru Kamiizumii, ZONE Pilates and Fitness

“In the quest to maximize every inch of available space, my foremost consideration was to utilize the area to its full potential. Collaborating with an interior designer and a moving company, the goal was to place equipment while ensuring clients had ample room to move comfortably. The focus was on achieving functionality without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of the studio,” Wataru says.

Wataru working with clients on Reformer at Bcube studio

This approach emphasizes the importance of early planning, the strategic placement of equipment, and maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere for clients. It highlighted the significance of utilizing expert opinions and creative strategies to optimize space.

The impact of Merrithew products

“The choice of equipment plays a pivotal role in the success of any Pilates studio. I made the best decision by choosing Merrithew equipment and accessories, their versatility and durability are unmatched. The equipment’s ability to cater to diverse client needs and reliability has significantly contributed to the studio's success,” Wataru says.

Reformers on display at Bcube studio

As a Merrithew Licensed Training Center, ZONE Pilates and Fitness proudly showcases the equipment and offers Merrithew education programming underscoring a commitment to quality and diversity.

Budgeting advice

“For those starting or looking to upgrade their studios —dream big but start small. It’s vital to remember that studios can expand gradually, and there are well-designed equipment options that allow for future expansion. This practical advice is to recognize the importance of a strategic, phased approach to equipment acquisition, helping studios grow sustainably,” Wataru says.

Guide for Studio Owners

Optimizing studio layout and space utilization

“One idea I swear by is to use the wall space. I use it to hang props and accessories, not only for functionality but also to enhance the studio's aesthetics.

“Additionally, creating narrow niches between storage rooms provided an organized and spacious environment for clients. This strategy is again a blend of practicality and aesthetics to ensure clients have a comfortable and clutter-free space.” Wataru says.

Maximizing studio space utilization ensures a steady flow of classes and accommodates the needs of a growing customer base.

Vichael Mak, VIM Pilates

In a city like Hong Kong, where real estate prices soar, optimizing every inch becomes a priority. Pilates studios are driven by the need to ensure ample space for clients while accommodating an array of Pilates equipment. This involves meticulous planning to strike the right balance between functionality and comfort.

“Embarking on the journey of establishing a successful Pilates studio involves more than just setting up equipment. It's a meticulous blend of strategic planning, quality investment, and a keen eye on client satisfaction.” Vichael says.

VIM Pilates studio interior with Reformers

Investing in versatile Pilates equipment

VIM Pilates — Merrithew Host Training Center — stands as a testament to versatility, fully equipped with an extensive range of Pilates equipment—from the Ladder Barrel to the Cadillac, and additional equipment like the Stability Barre and Halo® Trainer Plus.

Merrithew products are of unparalleled quality and durability. Clients with exposure to other studios have often noticed the difference and have been thoroughly impressed.

Budgeting tips

“You need to view equipment as a capital investment rather than an expense. Quality and durability take precedence, aligning with the long-term goals of the studio.

“The discerning nature of today’s clients, enriched by social media and exposure to various studios, calls for investing in high-quality equipment. The premium experience you get with top-notch gear plays a pivotal role in client satisfaction and retention, creating a noticeable difference that clients truly appreciate.” Vichael says.

Students in Reformer class at VIM Pilates

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