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Pilates Bliss in Chengdu: Welcome to PROTOLIA®

Pilates Bliss in Chengdu - Welcome to PROTOLIA

STOTT PILATES® is known for its rigorous and advanced scientific approach to Pilates, and Merrithew's equipment is the perfect match for these techniques.

– Emily Chung, Founder of PROTOLIA®, Chengdu, China

At PROTOLIA® —a Merrithew Host Training Center— they believe that life is a journey of gradual change and gentle progress, rather than a destination. With this philosophy at its core, PROTOLIA® Pilates was established.

The founder - Emily Chung

Emlily Chung, founder of Protolia, on Stability Chair

The founder of PROTOLIA®, Emily Chung, has always been passionate about mind-body integration. With a background in dance, Emily is a STOTT PILATES certified instructor who has explored mind-body movement extensively.

She began her journey with Chinese dance at age 5, maintaining it as a hobby until academic pursuits took precedence. Following a knee injury, Emily took a STOTT PILATES instructor training under the guidance of Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer Nate Teng.

“His guidance convinced me that being a Pilates instructor is meaningful. It lets me help clients improve physically, connecting them with their bodies. It's not just about looks; it's about improving control and comfort in the body,” Emily says.

“PROTOLIA® is proud to be a world-class Pilates system, top-notch international Pilates equipment, and a coaching team dedicated to and supportive of the core concepts of STOTT PILATES,” Emily says.

Baroque venue design

This Pilates center in Chengdu is the city's largest, covering nearly 1000 square meters. Designed by the Hong Kong-based 8IGHTPRO team, it reflects an elegant simplicity inspired by Baroque Art. The design, influenced by French philosopher René Descartes, emphasizes harmony, moderation, and balance.

Adorned with archways, Roman columns, and domes, the space creates a serene ambiance. Unlike traditional studios, its open layout enhances movement flow, adding visual appeal and interactivity to Pilates sessions.

Protolia studio interior

The venue boasts three functional classrooms: The Stage for small groups, The Sky Hall for large equipment-based classes, and The Garden—a zone for private classes. They ensure a comfortable and user-friendly environment, equipped with modern amenities, including a fresh air system and underfloor heating.

At PROTOLIA®, a commitment to excellence is at the core of their philosophy. As a Merrithew® Host Training Center, they uphold the highest professional standards. Whether you're a fitness trainer aiming to elevate your expertise or a novice pursuing a Pilates career in China, PROTOLIA® provides a variety of Merrithew education courses and workshops tailored to suit your requirements.

They aim to introduce the STOTT PILATES method to Chengdu while embracing the concept of ‘Zhong Yong’ from traditional Chinese culture, emphasizing balance and inner harmony.

Protolia instructor assisting client on Reformer

Their diverse range of classes including Mat, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels and other equipment-based sessions, and personalized coaching cater to individuals at different levels, ages, and physical conditions.

Merrithew equipment for an exceptional Pilates experience

PROTOLIA® Pilates studio offers a variety of Merrithew equipment to enhance the Pilates experience. Their equipment includes 8 V2 Max Plus Reformers, 6 Stability Chairs, barrel apparatuses (including Arc Barrels, Spine Correctors, and Ladder Barrels), and a complete set of accessories, including 12 Stability Balls and Stability Barres®.

Protolia instructors on Reformers

Merrithew's high-precision springs and durable design cater to multifunctional training needs, setting it apart from other brands.

Their core clients seek various goals, including, pain relief, and posture improvement. Through Pilates, they discover self-acceptance and self-love, embracing a firm, upright, and confident posture.

“When we established PROTOLIA® Pilates, we never considered using equipment from other brands. The reason is simple: from the moment I became a STOTT PILATES instructor, I had the intention of introducing Merrithew's core programs into the Chengdu market,” says Emily.

Stability Barre class at Protolia

The global expansion of mind-body movement in China

The market in China is rapidly evolving, showcasing discernible trends such as specialization, a robust online presence, innovative integration of fitness equipment, and a strong emphasis on community engagement. As the market continues to expand, there's considerable potential for further development in this field.

“Pilates and mind-body exercise acknowledged globally for enhancing physical and holistic well-being, are experiencing significant growth in Asia, notably in China.

Protolia studio interior

“This surge is due to the heightened health awareness, expanding business opportunities, a trend towards specialization, increased internet accessibility, and the fostering of communities within fitness studios,” Emily says.

Join PROTOLIA® Pilates on the journey towards mind-body balance and inner harmony. It's a place where life's beauty lies in gradual change, progress is gentle, and each step celebrates the exquisite journey—powered by the exceptional quality of Merrithew education and equipment.

Check out upcoming courses and workshops at PROTOLIA®.

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