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Unwrap Wellness: 2023 Pilates Gift Guide

2023 Pilates gift guide

The holiday season is here! If you're scrambling for last-minute gifts for the fitness enthusiasts in your life, our holiday gift guide is here to help. Featuring insights from two of our Instructor Trainers, this guide highlights the best Pilates equipment and accessories for every fitness level. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned Pilates practitioner or someone just beginning their journey, this guide offers something for everyone.

Adriana Rotella

Adriana Rotella’s Recommendations

Lead Instructor Trainer

Which equipment or accessories would you consider gifting a Pilates enthusiast?

If you’re looking for a gift on a grand scale, adding a Vertical Frame to an already existing Reformer would be the best gift! The combination of using the Vertical Frame with the Reformer unlocks hundreds of variations not accessible with the Reformer alone. With the Vertical Frame, you will also be able to do many of our Cadillac exercises.

On a more compact scale, Strength Tubing is hands-down one of my favorite accessories to take my clients’ workout to the next level. The Sliding Mobility Disks are also a compact, light and portable prop that is perfect for an intense workout anywhere.

Which products are best for small spaces?

For maximizing small spaces, Mini Stability Balls, Toning Balls, Resistance Loops and the Fitness Circle® are excellent choices. These items are not only space-efficient, but they also bring a wide variety of options to any workout. Additionally, they are cost-effective and easy to keep on hand for larger classes.

What is the best holiday gift you have ever received to enhance your wellbeing?

My Vitamix blender hands down. It's a game-changer for quickly preparing healthy smoothies and soups, which are perfect for fueling my Pilates workouts and keeping me energized.

Holly Shaw

Holly Shaw’s Recommendations

Instructor Trainer

Which equipment or accessories would you consider gifting a Pilates enthusiast?

Travel-friendly props like Mini Stability Balls, Flex-Bands® and Sliding Mobility Disks are absolute winners! They're compact, versatile and perfect for on-the-go workouts. Plus, here's a fun tip: the Mini Stability Balls double as an awesome travel pillow when slightly deflated. Imagine enhancing your workout and getting cozy on a long flight — talk about multitasking!

Which products are best for small spaces?

The Vertical Frame is an absolute game-changer for Pilates instructors. It offers incredible versatility, allowing instructors to cater to clients of varying abilities and explore Cadillac repertoire without needing a Cadillac. Also, incorporating dumbbells and Medicine Balls into classes elevates the weight training experience within Reformer or mat classes. It's like adding an extra dimension to workouts, without changing the setup too much!

What is the best holiday gift you have ever received to enhance your wellbeing?

The best holiday gift was a custom mattress designed specifically for the back of my car! Picture this: a day of hiking and exploring followed by an impromptu camping trip in my car. It's the ultimate blend of adventure and comfort. This gift turned every outdoor escapade into a cozy, spontaneous camping experience — a true game-changer for my outdoor adventures!

Adriana and Holly's expert insights ensure that your gifts will not only be appreciated, but will also contribute to a healthier, more active lifestyle. This holiday season, gift the joy of wellness with these thoughtful Pilates gift selections. Discover more on our website and take advantage of our special sale this month.

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