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Celebrating March Matness: A month of STOTT PILATES® Matwork exercises

Celebrating March Matness

March marks a special time for Pilates enthusiasts worldwide - it's March Matness! This annual celebration brings together the global Pilates community to share and engage in Matwork exercises, an essential component of the Pilates method.

To celebrate, we asked members of our community to show us some of their favorite STOTT PILATES Matwork sequences. Check out our Instagram to see which Matwork exercises our Instructor Trainers and Certified Instructors have been displaying throughout the month.

A showcase of Merrithew talent

Our Instagram has been buzzing with activity this month, featuring a series of posts from our dedicated Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainers and Certified Instructors. They have taken to their mats to demonstrate their favorite exercises, providing a dose of inspiration and motivation to roll out your mats and join in.

Michaela Bimbi-Dresp, a Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer, shared her expertise through a series of mat-based exercises. Her routine included the Double Leg Stretch, Shoulder Bridge and Side Bend - movements that exemplify the core strengthening and flexibility enhancement Pilates is known for. Get inspired by Michaela’s workouts and check out her feature on our Instagram.

Jenny Carr, another esteemed Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer, took followers through a calming yet challenging sequence. Her exercises, the Swan Dive Slow Rock and Shell Stretch, showcase the versatility of Pilates Matwork and the Swimming exercise offers an advanced variation that adds a unique challenge. Explore Jenny’s movements and find your flow by checking out her Instagram highlight.

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor Hilal Leigh demonstrated a sequence designed to challenge the core and enhance flexibility. Her routine included Single Leg Stretch and Obliques, Scissors, Spine Stretch Forward and Double Leg Kick. Hilal’s routine is a testament to the power of Pilates in developing body awareness and control. Watch her exercise sequence here.

Merrithew Instructor Trainer Ariel Lim is seen performing notable Matwork exercises: Obliques Roll Back, Saw, Hundreds and Advanced Swan Dive. Each of these exercises highlights different aspects of core strength, flexibility and control. Check out Ariel’s workout routine here.

Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer Stephanie Crank took on a series of challenging STOTT PILATES Matwork exercises and showcased the Neck Pull, Boomerang and Twist, exercises that demand precision and focus. Don’t miss out on these exercises here.

Kristi Quinn, another esteemed Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer, demonstrated a series of foundational Pilates movements: Half Roll Back, Roll Up, Spine Twist and Roll Over. Her sequences underscore the versatility and depth of Matwork, catering to practitioners of varying levels. Dive into Kristi’s exercise sequence here.

Lastly, Holly Furgason, a Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer, showed off her skills with the Open Leg Rocker and Side Leg Lift Series. These exercises focus on balance, core strength and leg toning. Dive into her Pilates session by visiting her Instagram post.

March Matness is more than just showcasing Pilates routines. It's about building a community that supports each other's journey towards better health and well-being. We encourage you to take inspiration from our Merrithew Instructors and start incorporating these exercises into your routine.

Also, to diversify your Pilates workouts, explore our range of best-selling mats. Designed with your comfort and performance in mind, our mats are the perfect companion to help elevate your workout experience.

Let's roll out our mats and celebrate the power of Pilates this March Matness!

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