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ZEN•GA® for Yoga Practitioners: Warrior 2
Engage the proper muscle groups in Warrior 2 in this variation of the pose from the ZEN•GA repertoire
ZEN•GA® for Yoga Practitioners: Downward Dog
Bianca Bolissian breaks down the muscle groups involved in this variation of Downward Dog from the ZEN•GA repertoire
Exercise of the Month: ZEN•GA® for Yoga Practitioners: Side Plank
Bianca Bolissian explores the different muscle groups and correct biomechanics of Side Plank from the ZEN•GA repertoire
Ask the Expert: Shin Splints
Shin splints presents as pain and tenderness along the medial border of the tibia, decreases with a warm up and reoccurs after exercise
Instructor Spotlight: Chandana Mannedi
When Dr. Chandana Mannedi found out she had to attend a Pilates class as part of her degree in orthopedics, she was less than thrilled, but the class changed the course of her life
Instructor Spotlight: Terri Todd
Fitness has been a way of life for Terri Todd as long as she can remember. But having her hips resurfaced showed her the difference Pilates can make
Building a Business: Tips for A Career in Mind-body
The rewards of a career in mind-body are many, not least of which is changing lives through mindful movement
Right in the Knees: Exercises to Build Strength and Stability
What do the football players in the World Cup 2018 and the cyclists in the Tour de France 2018 have in common?
Instructor Spotlight: Michaela Bimbi-Dresp
Michaela Bimbi-Dresp was working at a YMCA outside of NYC when she first discovered Pilates. After returning to Germany, she opened up one of the first Pilates studios in Munich