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 This Month's Spotlight

Jumpboard Cross-Bow

NEW! Jumpboard Cross-Bow™

The Jumpboard Cross-Bow™ is a specially designed addition to any STOTT PILATES® Reformer that gives serious exercisers a more intense experience. Simple and sleek in design, it provides wider, cushioned handles above the height of the Jumpboard, ideal for those with broader shoulders, or needing a wider stance for the hands.
From this sturdy base, you can perform any number of modifications to challenge the strength and stability of the whole body, just by altering torso and leg position or changing the spring resistance.

Although ideal for athletes, the Jumpboard Cross-Bow is useful for anyone who wants to get more out of their everyday Reformer. The Cross-Bow is also sold individually as a universal attachment for Pro or SPX model Jumpboards. Also available as a combo - purchase together with a Jumpboard Pro/Rehab (24") or SPX (22" - width) and save! 

Challenge your strength and jumpstart your metabolism with an intense Jumpboard Cross-Bow workout in the Strength & Conditioning on the Jumpboard & Reformer DVD. Include cardiovascular fitness into your Pilates Reformer routine with the Bounce & Tone: Jumping Intervals with Reformer Boards DVD.

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The Mini Stability Ball

Mini Stability Ball™

The lightweight and portable Mini Stability Ball™ can be incorporated into Pilates, Yoga and other Mat-based routines. It can be used to challenge individuals of all ages and fitness levels, and helps achieve a healthier stance and appearance. 

Available in three sizes and colors – 7” blue,  10” lime, 12” orange, Mini Stability Ball provides an unstable base of support, designed to activate your deepest stabilizing muscles. As the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, each movement helps you strengthen and tone, improve your posture, and increase core stability and back strength.

Breathe deeply and enhance your mind/body connection with the brand-new ZEN●GA title: Mini Stability Ball- Focus On Breathing & Muscular Release.  This unique workout is based on the foundation that proper breathing is the key to a healthy, nourished and vibrant body.

Activate your core muscles and challenge your balance as you move through the flowing workout in ZEN●GA FLOW™ with the Mini Stability Ball. This total-body routine thoroughly works the deep muscle systems of the body!

Tone and sculpt your body with the classical STOTT PILATES® Mini Stability Ball™ Workout. This beginner level workout will help you shape your arms, legs, buns and thighs to achieve the toned and lean body you have always wanted.

Whether you are a beginner or you are adding the Mini Stability Ball to your regular Pilates routine, the end result is sure to be the toned and streamlined body of your dreams! 

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Ahead of the Curve

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Great personal trainers and group exercise instructors are always looking for ways to keep in tune with the market’s demands and implement new and exciting fitness skills into their client’s regimens. Merrithew™ continues to help fitness professionals develop their skills for a variety of populations with the addition of 30 brand new STOTT PILATES® workshops in 2012. Now there are over 150 ways for fitness professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

Learn more about the new STOTT PILATES® workshop descriptions

Learn about these new STOTT PILATES® workshops at our International & Corporate Training Centers in Toronto, New York, Denver and our participating Licensed Training Centers.

See what upcoming courses are in your area!

Experience our new workshops. Watch some clips.

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