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Specialty Tracks: Sharpen your skillset

In today’s competitive fitness industry, it’s essential for Instructors to constantly add new tools to their toolbelts to reach new clients and increase offerings to current clients. Becoming a STOTT PILATES® Specialist in the field of your choice by taking Specialty Track workshops is an excellent way to gain access to new client bases and earn CECs at the same time. Instructors who complete all of the workshops in a Specialty Track will earn the right to call themselves a STOTT PILATES Specialist in the chosen Specialty Track.

Becoming a STOTT PILATES Specialist means Instructors can:

  • Develop specialty programming for your clientele
  • Discover the specific needs and modifications of unique groups
  • Explore how market segments differ from one another
  • Earn CECs while working toward a Specialty Track designation

Below is a list of current Specialty Tracks to sharpen your skillset:

Active for Life

Learn to adapt the STOTT PILATES Principles and exercises for the active aging population, including addressing such issues as restricted mobility.

Athletic Conditioning

For those who work with very fit and accomplished athletes—learn to improve strength, power and agility while challenging unilateral movement, weight transference and torso rotation. Take your clients to a new level of athletic performance.


Dance-inspired programs help clients build strength and stability while improving balance and flexibility. Learn specially-designed exercises that combine fluidity of movement with sound biomechanical fundamentals.

Golf Conditioning

Give your clients that extra edge. Learn exercises designed to increase strength, balance, flexibility and power. Condition the entire body, enhance core stability and body awareness to help boost performance on and off the green.

Group Equipment

Group classes on equipment can be fun and invigorating with an experienced and qualified instructor. Learn both classic and highly inventive exercises to guarantee stimulating sessions at a variety of levels.

Group Matwork

Teaching effective and inspiring group Matwork classes requires skill, creativity and a complete repertoire of exercises. Learn techniques and selections to maintain motivation and ensure improvement even with a wide spectrum of clients.


Learn to create Matwork and equipment-based workouts that draw from a number of disciplines creating flowing, functional movement sequences. These workshops teach STOTT PILATES modifications that balance control, fascia and restoration and result in fluid and harmonious workouts.

Pre- and Post-natal

Take moms-to-be from traditional Matwork to variations that address their changing bodies. Learn appropriate exercise adaptations taking individual factors into consideration such as fitness level and health concerns.

Post-rehabilitation Conditioning

For clients with injuries or special conditions—zero in on the areas of the body which are most commonly injured. Learn to help your clients maintain strength after rehab and prevent future injuries.

For more information on STOTT PILATES Specialty Tracks, contact an Education Advisor at, or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300, or use our Training Finder to discover other workshops held near you.

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