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Education: Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus

This workshop from the new Merrithew Specialty Track, the Interdisciplinary Track, focuses on giving Instructors the tools to incorporate new fascial research concepts within the body of the STOTT PILATES® Essential Matwork repertoire. Following the Essential Matwork order, participants will explore how exercise essences can be enhanced with new fascial research concepts, inspiring a new movement experience.

Participants will also learn seamless movement flowing exercise sequences that take the body through multiple planes of movement. This workshop will spark creativity in programming and allow participants to tap into their innate body wisdom to find alternate variations that best suit their movement potential on any given day.

Participants will:

  • review the essence of selected STOTT PILATES® Essential Matwork exercises
  • discuss current concepts in fascial research and their application to STOTT PILATES® Matwork exercises
  • experience movement sequences that target the neuromyofascial system
  • discuss how exercises can be altered to access movement potential

Join us at the Merrithew Mindful Movement Symposium in New York City May 4-6 to experience the Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus workshop. Or use our Training Finder to discover Essential Matwork with a Fascial Focus and other Interdisciplinary Track workshops held near you. Learn more about hosting training by contacting an Education Advisor at, or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300.

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