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Exercise of the Month: Integrated Bodyweight Workout with Halo® Trainer Plus

Merrithew® Instructor Trainer and founder of YuLan Pilates studio in China, Yu Lan, takes us through this challenging and intense workout using the Halo® Trainer Plus. This workout is perfect for intermediate or advanced-level clients who want to ramp up the intensity.

“I like to call this the ‘pleasant body and mind series.’ This workout involves upbeat music tracks to make it easier for clients to keep up with the exercise and feel motivated. I would also recommend doing this in a group setting to boost enthusiasm and ensure all participants are motivated,” Yu Lan says.

What is a Halo Trainer Plus?

The ergonomic Halo Trainer Plus is an evolutionary piece of fitness equipment that offers dynamic and challenging ways to engage muscles while incorporating strength work, flexibility training, total body conditioning or for physical and occupational treatments.

What is the best way to use the Halo Trainer Plus?

The Halo Trainer Plus is one of the most versatile devices for core-integrated bodyweight training. You can use it with beginner or advanced clients to challenge strength, muscle endurance, proprioception and stabilization. Pair it with any 55-65 cm exercise ball to create even more exercise variations with options to progress or regress the degree of difficulty to meet the specific needs of any client.

What are the benefits of Halo Trainer Plus?

The Halo Trainer Plus is a versatile and effective bodyweight training tool that can help you take your fitness, Pilates or mind-body practice to the next level. Discover more ways of using the Halo Trainer Plus on our digital streaming platform, Merrithew Connect.

Increased core strength

Build core strength and feel stronger — which is essential for Pilates. The Halo Trainer Plus can help you develop stronger abs, arms, legs and lower back muscles. Engage your core muscles to stabilize your body during exercises. It is an all-in-one great equipment to add a challenge to your total body workouts.

Improved flexibility

Improve your flexibility and range of motion with this innovative piece of equipment. By incorporating the Halo Trainer Plus into your workouts, you can target specific muscles and joints to improve your overall flexibility and mobility.

Enhanced balance and control

Pilates is all about control and balance, and the Halo Trainer Plus can help you achieve both by allowing you to focus on your balance and stability. This will improve your overall body control and coordination.


The Halo Trainer Plus is versatile enough to be used in various Pilates exercises. From traditional Pilates exercises to more advanced movements, it can be adapted to meet your specific needs and fitness level.


This portable equipment is super easy to travel with. You can take it with you anywhere you go. Whether you're practicing Pilates at home or at the gym, you can easily pack it up and bring it with you. The easy-click connectors make it a snap to assemble and disassemble for travel or storage.

Resistance training

The Halo Trainer Plus can also be used for resistance training, which is important in Pilates. By adding resistance to your Pilates exercises, you can increase the intensity and effectiveness of your workout.

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