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Mix it Up: Halo® Training for Group Classes

The Halo Trainer Plus* is a versatile workout tool that brings myriad benefits to clients of all levels of ability.

Group classes especially can benefit from the unique aspects of the Halo Trainer Plus, from challenging each individual in a class of varying fitness levels to encouraging muscle engagement and ergonomic wrist alignment. 

For more Halo Trainer Plus exercise ideas, please see the posts outlined below.

Wrist alignment
The ergonomic design of the Halo® Trainer Plus means clients with sensitive wrists are able to participate in load-bearing exercises supporting their own bodyweight, including Cat Stretch, Plank, Push-Up and Leg Pull Front. The Halo Trainer Plus allows the client to work on their grasp and keep the wrist in a more neutral position, which tends to be a better position for weight bearing for many. 

Multiple levels of challenge

The Halo Trainer Plus was designed to help clients increase strength, beginning in positions they could readily access and progressing as the client’s ability permitted. Used with a Stability Ball, fitness instructors can create challenge and reduce stability for all levels in a group class setting by giving individuals more or less stability depending on personal ability, making it equally challenging for everyone.

Add variety

The versatility of the Halo Trainer Plus means it’s a cinch to add it to programming for Pilates mat classes, expanding your repertoire and providing clients with stimulating exercise to keep your classes fresh and exciting. Use the Halo Trainer Plus to place clients in different angles, with or without the Stability Ball. Use it for traditional Pilates moves, or more athletic exercises.

Using the Halo Trainer Plus in the standard handles down position with the Stability Ball creates an unstable surface on the ball for the forearms, hands or feet, but the frame keeps the Stability Ball from moving away from underneath the client, increasing proprioceptive feedback and the level of stability.

Have clients pick up the Halo Trainer Plus to work the arms with swinging actions, or squat with arms reaching up or forward to build strength, or add some agility work to the class with clients stepping in and out of the center of the Halo Trainer Plus set in standard position on the mat, an exercise that makes a great warm-up.

The Halo Trainer Plus also allows for gradual progressions in exercises such as Plank with the forearms resting on the Stability Ball by having the Halo Trainer Plus handles down to create more stability, or in the standard “V” position for increased challenge. Increase or decrease the incline according to the client’s ability to build the strength necessary for a better Plank on the mat.

Facilitate muscle engagement

The Halo Trainer Plus can rock on the apex of the curved frame, an action that is beneficial in facilitating proper muscle engagement, including engaging and moving the scapulae when performing prone spinal extension exercises such as Breast Stroke and Swan Dive.

Incorporating the Halo Trainer Plus into your group classes is a great way to expand offerings and keep classes fresh and exciting. Merrithew offers Halo® Training courses and workshops for fitness professionals who want to know more about expanding programming options with the Halo Trainer Plus.

To learn more, check out Halo Training Instructor training at:, or contact an Education Advisor at or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 300.

*HALO® is a registered trademark of HALO Rehab and Fitness, LLC.

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