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Best of the Blog 2020 – Tips and insights on deepening the mind-body connection

In a year full of uncertainty, one thing that remained consistent was our readers’ interest and dedication to their education and professional development.

The top five stories on the blog for 2020 reflect that— most of the articles below focus on helping fitness professionals deepen their knowledge, skills and experiences to deliver more in-depth mind-body programming to clients.

While these articles had the most views, we published plenty of other stories on the blog that are worth reading if you have some time.

Here are a few:

Keep your kids busy with these mindful movement exercises.

Read about a woman who is trying to make the Pilates and wellness industry more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Learn how Cirque du Soleil athletes, a breast cancer survivor, a double amputee, seniors, and a functionally paralyzed man all incorporated STOTT PILATES® into their rehab journeys.

And if you’re craving a bit of mindful movement at home over the holidays, try these express workouts with the Twist Ball, Flex-Band Loop®, Reformer, and Eco-Lux Imprint Mat.

We’re looking forward to a bright 2021 with many more inspiring and educational stories to come.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Contact us at to get featured.

5. Improving Body Awareness: Understanding the pelvic floor muscles

Story 5 - understanding the pelvic floor muscles

In this in-depth article and video, Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainer Leslie Wall goes over the many roles and responsibilities of the pelvic floor muscles and explains why they’re so important to strengthen. She also provides some cueing tips to help you explain to your clients how to connect with this hidden area of the body. Don’t miss Leslie’s other article in this series on the rotator cuff muscles.

Read more >

4. Seven ways to better connect with and serve your studio clients virtually

story 4 - serve your studio clients virtually

Master Instructor Trainer PJ O’Clair is an internationally-recognized fitness expert. Here she talks about how she quickly pivoted her studio business online after her state went into lockdown because of COVID-19. She provides instructors with practical tips for creating a successful virtual studio experience and talks about how to keep your classes fresh and dynamic online to retain and attract new clients.

Get PJ’s tips >

3. Why personal trainers should add mindful movement to their clients’ workout programs

story 3 personal trainers mindful movement

Instead of smashing out a workout, talk to your clients about how they can approach their next sweat session through a mindfulness lens. There are many benefits to this, including creating a more balanced workout, connecting more deeply to movements and muscular activations and preventing injuries. Two Merrithew Instructor Trainers and personal trainers talk about how and why mindful movement should be part of every workout program.

Learn why >

2. Exercise of the Month: Halo® Training Hip Stability and Strength

Story 2 - hip stability & strength

Feeling a little stiff in the hips? These two exercises demonstrated by Lead Instructor Trainer Jennifer Dahl using the Halo® Trainer Plus with Stability Ball can be added to your pre- or post-workout routine to challenge stability, strength and endurance, mobilizing through the entire hip region.

Release the hips >

1. Four Pilates Matwork exercises to condition the body and reduce the risk of injury

story 1 - four pilates matwork exercises

Published the first month of the year, this article and video proved to be the most popular on the blog in 2020. Follow along as Master Instructor Trainer Laureen DuBeau guides you through four simple STOTT PILATES® Matwork exercises that you can do anywhere to get the major muscles and joints warmed up and ready to work, conditioning the body for more intense exercise and reducing the risk of injury.

Start warming up >

Thank you for reading the Merrithew blog!

We’re thrilled to have such a dedicated community of interested and loyal readers. Stay tuned for more great content in 2021.

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