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4 Pilates Matwork exercises to condition the body and reduce the risk of injury

With many people returning to their fitness routines after a break over the holidays, conditioning the body for exercise is especially important to reduce the risk of injury.

According to a research article in The Conversation, about 10% of sports-related injuries are caused by overexertion, with some of the most common injured areas being the knee, elbow and forearm. The good news is, researchers also believe about half of all injuries can be prevented.

In this video, Merrithew Master Instructor Trainer Laureen DuBeau demonstrates four simple exercises to increase mobility, stability and strength for injury prevention. These Pilates Matwork warm-up exercises for the upper and lower body introduce movement and rotation to the major muscle groups and joints so they’re ready to work.

Remember these key tips as you ramp up your exercise routine:

  • Gradually increase the duration, intensity and frequency of your exercise routine
  • Focus on mastering technique
  • Mix up your workout: Add in muscle strengthening, flexibility, stability and balance practices
  • Take breaks between sets and take time off – listen to your body
  • Stay hydrated and eat well

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