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Best of the Blog 2019

Best of the Merrithew Blog 2019

With such a broad, diverse and talented community of fitness professionals in every corner of the globe, we’re lucky here at Merrithew HQ to have an endless number of stories to tell.

Over the past year, we’ve featured some of your incredible experiences and insights on the blog.

From inspiring tales about kids, seniors and everyone in between practicing mindful movement, to Q&As with our Instructor Trainers on everything from stabilizer muscles to keeping fit on vacation.

We’ve talked about how to boost your studio business, ace your STOTT PILATES® exam and perfect your programming for pre- and post-natal women.

Along the way, we hope you’ve learned something new.

China Symposium Group Shot

Here are the blog posts you found most interesting in 2019

1. Ask the Expert: Why is spring tension on a Pilates Reformer treated differently than conventional weight training?

When a client asks how the Pilates Reformer spring tension compares to weights at the gym, here’s the answer.

2. Ask the Expert: Find out more about Fascia

Co-founder Moira Merrithew on the importance of fascia and what fitness professionals need to know.

3. 6 stretches to do at your desk to improve your posture

Target the muscles that are often neglected as the result of too much sedentary behavior.

Stretches to do at your desk

4. Exercise of the Month: Jackknife with Halo® Trainer Plus

Test your body’s endurance and strength with this full-body conditioning exercise.

5. Take my Cue: Communicate more effectively with your clients

The key to effective cueing is to provide structure and set priorities.

Merrithew Instructor Trainer - Cueing Technique

6. Introducing the Stability Barrel Lite: 5 exercises to make your workout more dynamic

Learn how to use this versatile exercise tool to challenge your clients’ strength, balance, proprioception and control.

7. Mindful Movement Programming for Kids: 10 fun exercises to get kids moving

Motivate your kids to get active, move mindfully and have fun with these simple exercises.

8. Becoming a STOTT PILATES instructor: Make a commitment

Interested in a career in mindful movement? Follow student Paige Schuman as she progresses through the STOTT PILATES education program.

Become an Instructor - Advance to the next level

9. Ask the Expert: The importance of eccentric contraction

Find out the difference between isometric, isotonic and isokinetic muscle actions, and why muscular control is crucial in both flexion and extension.

10. Why men should do Pilates: For sports performance, injury prevention and everyday life

How Pilates can benefit men of all ages— and why professional athletes like NBA player Kevin Durant are already onboard.

Is there something you want to see on the blog in 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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