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Exercise of the Month: Halo® Training Hip Stability and Strength

The Halo® Trainer Plus with Stability Ball is not just for high-intensity interval training. It’s also a great tool to use pre- and post-workout, as Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer Jennifer Dahl demonstrates in August’s Exercise of the Month.

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Jen coaches you through how to use the Halo Trainer Plus in two different positions. The first exercise, an asymmetrical hip hinge with handles up, activates the dynamic stabilizers and mobilizes through the entire hip region, especially lengthening the adductor on the long leg. It will also assist with grip strength and contribute to wrist and elbow stability.

The second exercise, hip extension and hip abduction with handles down, will challenge stability, strength and endurance.

Try these exercises as part of your post-workout active recovery!


  • Aim for 5-10 reps of each exercise

Asymmetrical hip hinge:

  • If you don’t have a lot of mobility in the hip joints, or you’re struggling with issues through the lumbo-pelvic region, bring the foot of your long leg forward or laterally rotate that leg. You can also modify this and bend your leg instead
  • After you hinge forward, focus on engaging your glutes to return to the start position
  • Aim for a natural and organic breathing pattern that facilitates this movement

Hip extension and hip abduction:

  • Try not to collapse weight into your supporting side. Keep the lumbo-pelvic region dynamically stable, don’t arch or compensate with rotation to get the leg into a larger range of motion. Maintain the integrity through the hip region
  • Press into your forearms, engaging the scapular stabilizers, including the serratus anterior. You want to keep your chest from shifting or sinking towards the ball
  • If it’s too challenging to move from hip extension into hip abduction, take a quick break to reset between movements

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