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A Flex-Band Loop® at-home workout to strengthen the glutes, biceps and leg muscles

Flex-Band Loop at home workout

If you’ve been doing virtual workouts for a while now, you’ve probably encountered the Flex-Band® Loop or something similar to it.

Many instructors are incorporating this handy and budget-friendly resistance tool into their workouts because of how effective it is at activating and intensifying the load on the largest muscles in the body, like the glutes, hamstrings, quads, abductors and adductors. Not only can the Flex-Band Loop be used for strength training and endurance, but it’s also great for targeting small stabilizer muscles in the upper and lower body.

If you’re new to this type of resistance, start with our Regular Strength band and then move up to the Extra Strength for an even greater muscle burn.

Try adding the Flex-Band Loop to your next at-home workout with these moves from Lead Instructor Trainer Bianca Bolissian.

1. Monster Walks

Monster Walks image A
Monster Walks image B

Starting position: Standing, legs hip-distance apart, Flex-Band Loop around ankles, hands together in front of chest, spine neutral
Inhale: To prepare
Exhale: Take a giant step to the side, stretching band and tipping torso forward slightly
Inhale: Return upright and bring second leg in, completing the step

Complete 5 steps in one direction, then return the other way
Modification: Try stepping out on an inhale and bringing the legs together on the exhale

2. Bicep Curl in Lunge

Bicep Curl image A
Bicep Curl image B

Starting position: Lunge position, back leg long, Flex-Band Loop under front foot, holding Loop with same hand as front foot
Inhale: To prepare
Exhale: Stay in lunge and flex elbow in bicep curl
Inhale: Return

Complete 10-12 repetitions on each side
Increase challenge: In starting position, keep elbow lifted to shoulder height as you flex and extend

3. Quadruped Leg Extension

Quadruped Leg Extension image A
Quadruped Leg Extension image B

Starting position: On hands and knees, Flex-Band Loop around one knee and opposite foot, hands directly under shoulders, spine neutral
Inhale: To prepare
Exhale: Keep torso stable and reach band leg back
Inhale: Return to start

Complete 5-10 repetitions on each side
Increase challenge: Start with knees slightly lifted off the mat and keep them lifted throughout

4. Plank Rotation

Plank Rotation image A
Plank Rotation image B
Plank Rotation image C

Starting position: Plank position, feet shoulder-distance apart, Flex-Band Loop under one hand, holding Loop with the other
Inhale: To prepare
Exhale: Keep torso in one long line and rotate to side plank, pulling elbow up
Inhale: Return to start

Complete 5-10 repetitions on each side
Decrease challenge: Start on hands and knees to make things easier

5. Single Leg Stretch with Bicep Curl

Single Leg Stretch image A
Single Leg Stretch image B

Starting position: Supine (on back), legs lifted to tabletop, Flex-Band Loop around one foot, holding Loop with same hand, other hand behind head, upper torso lifted
Inhale: To prepare
Exhale: Stretch leg out and flex elbow, stretching Loop
Inhale: Flex knee and extend elbow, reaching free leg out

Complete 8-10 repetitions on each side
Decrease challenge: Simplify the movement by keeping opposite leg on the mat

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