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What’s trending in fitness for 2020? And how to incorporate these trends into your mind-body practice

The physical activity industry, which includes mind-body fitness, sports and active recreation, is estimated to be worth $828 billion globally, according to non-profit research agency the Global Wellness Institute.

So when fitness trend predictions come out, people pay attention. The 14th annual fitness trends survey for 2020 from the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal captures the responses of more than 3,000 fitness professionals from nearly every continent.

Here are some tips on how you can leverage these trends to benefit your clients and your business.

Top trend #3 – Group training

Group training

In the third spot this year, group training continues to prove popular in the fitness world. The success of group classes largely depends on the quality of instruction. Clients will keep coming back for more if instructors can keep them energized and motivated, while leading them through a safe, effective and results-oriented program.

Top trend #4 – Training with free weights

Training with free weights

You may not think of Pilates and mindful movement as a form of traditional weight training— but it still achieves muscle strength and endurance by using spring tension. Free weights can also be easily incorporated into any class for an added challenge.

Top Trend #8 – Fitness programs for older adults

Fitness programs for older adults

Baby Boomers are driving this growing market as more of them look to remain active as they age. For studio owners and fitness clubs, this is one population not to be overlooked.

Adapt your programming for older adults with these continuing education workshops

Top Trend #10 – Employing certified fitness professionals

Employing certified fitness professionals

Hiring certified fitness professionals who’ve been accredited by a reputable organization is becoming increasingly important, the survey says.

With more than three decades in the fitness industry having trained more than 60,000 professionals around the world, Merrithew’s innovative and high quality certification programs prepare instructors for long and successful careers in the fitness industry.

Top trend #14 – Yoga


As more fitness enthusiasts look to strengthen their mind-body connection, Merrithew’s unique ZEN•GA® modality is one great program to offer. The mat and equipment-based program fuses elements of Pilates, yoga, martial arts and meditation into a series of flowing movements that emphasize strength, flexibility and power.

Top Trend #20 – Children and exercise

Children and exercise

This trend has moved up and down the list over the years, but there’s no denying that childhood obesity remains top of mind. Programming aimed at helping kids get active while relieving stress and anxiety will remain important in the years to come.

Check out the ACSM survey for the full list of Top 20 fitness trends for 2020.

Get prepared to meet the needs of new and existing clients in 2020, find Merrithew training near you.

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