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How to use small weights to help clients build muscle tone

Small weights build muscle tone

Using small weights can add a fun, fresh challenge to any workout and the exercises are easily adjustable for clients of all types. Here’s how to pump up your Pilates practice with hand weights, toning balls and kettlebells.

Mini Handweights

Weighing up our equipment

Merrithew® offers a number of weighted options to choose from, including Soft Dumbbells, Toning Balls, Mini Handweights and Soft Kettlebell Plus. These products range in weight from 1.1–5 lbs.

So which piece of equipment is right for which workout? It all depends on the client and what they’re trying to achieve.

Using small weights with different client types

Post-rehab or aging clients: Soft Dumbbells, which range in weight from 1.1–2.2 lbs, are a great choice when working with clients post-injury or who have aging joints. Equipped with a convenient hand strap, these light weights are cushy and easy to grasp.

Young clients: Working with kids who are just entering the world of fitness? Try using Soft Dumbbells. A great introduction to working out with weights, this prop can help them safely get a grip on proper form — under adult supervision, of course.

Soft Kettlebell

Clients who want to tone arms and hands: Toning Balls, which range in weight from 1–3 lbs, are designed to add a light challenge and are perfect for toning biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders. And because they fit in the palm, they also work intrinsic hand muscles during exercise to improve grip strength. Check out our exercise guide for more ideas.

Pilates and Barre students: By incorporating these lightweight, pliable balls into a variety of targeted sculpting exercises, Toning Balls can really enhance a workout by bringing a new dimension to upper-and lower-body moves. Use them to build endurance and develop strength.

Clients looking for athletic conditioning: Even the most athletic clients can benefit from using small weights. With a strap that firmly anchors them to the hand, Mini Handweights can be used for fast, intense movements that build strength and agility.

At 5 lbs, the Soft Kettlebell Plus is the heaviest of our small weights and can be used in lieu of a traditional metal kettlebell. It’s perfect for building strength and endurance in a safe way. They can also be wrapped around ankles and arms during workouts or placed behind the neck for support during abdominal crunches. Check out our exercise guide for more ideas.

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