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Expand your knowledge base and increase your client offerings at Winter Education Days

This year’s Winter Education Days from Dec. 6-9 at the Toronto Corporate Training Center features 14 hands-on workshops aimed at developing your skills as an instructor.

You’ll take away new programming ideas, learn how to tailor your teaching technique for a diverse clientele and gain exposure to different Merrithew® modalities. Discover how to integrate a variety of props in unique ways to help your clients maximize the benefits of mindful movement.

“As instructors’ progress through their careers, they’ll find clients coming to them with many different needs and limitations. The best way they can prepare for this is to stay up-to-date on their education, so they can better service their clients,” says Merrithew Lead Instructor Trainer Sarah Jarvis.

“Winter Education Days is all about learning new things to add to your current repertoire to keep your sessions interesting and to keep you successful in the industry,” she says.

This year’s program features two new STOTT PILATES® workshops:

Jumpboard and Cross-Bow Interval Training: Learn how to elevate your classes with high-level sport-inspired intervals to challenge clients’ dynamic stability.

Breathing and Mobility on the Stability Barrel Lite: Find out how to use this new prop to isolate the inner mechanisms of rotation and stabilization through the entire body to improve alignment, release stress and increase dynamic range of motion.

For clients with limited mobility and restricted movement, check out this Total Barre® workshop:

Modified for Special Populations: Learn appropriate biomechanical principles, cueing and modifications to guide older adults through a fun exercise program that increases flexibility, balance and postural stability.

Fine-tune your Reformer teaching technique with this STOTT PILATES workshop:

Intermediate Reformer: Functional Anatomy, Cueing & Correcting: Focus on the details of cueing and correcting many of the more difficult Reformer moves in this Intermediate Reformer workshop. Learn how to modify and help clients progress to more challenging work while maintaining good form.

We can’t wait to host you at Winter Education Days. Learn more and register now!

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