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Merrithew® introduces the SPX® Max Reformer with vertical stand

Toronto, ON, March 25, 2015 – Fully loaded with all the commercial features of a professional Reformer, Merrithew®, Leaders in Mindful Movement™, release the highly-anticipated SPX® Max Reformer with Vertical Stand – a value-priced Pilates Reformer that stands upright for convenient storage. Gyms, studios, and fitness facilities worldwide are constantly bringing in the latest workouts for their clients, balancing these trendy exercise programs with classic programming that’s an established mainstay in the fitness industry. This demand for increased equipment storage in limited spaces led Merrithew to innovate this one-of-a-kind Reformer.

“We’re committed to being visionary leaders in the mindful movement space so it was imperative that we create a superior product that anticipates and caters to the needs for studio owners, instructors and clients,” shares Lindsay G. Merrithew, President & CEO of Merrithew. “The SPX® Max Reformer with Vertical Stand does just that. Studio owners can host revenue-driving group classes, knowing that they’re well-equipped with premium, high-quality Reformers that don’t take up valuable real estate. Instructors can offer versatile Pilates programming with endless options as this Reformer accommodates popular add-ons such as a Vertical Frame or any of our Accessory Boards. Finally, clients can confidently practice mind-body exercise with two names they’ve grown to know and trust: STOTT PILATES® and Merrithew.”

The SPX® Max Reformer with Vertical Stand features Easy-Roll Wheels, making it a breeze to move or reposition – simply roll it to its storage space, raise the Reformer and deploy the stand to hold the Reformer firmly upright. Designed to withstand continuous, high-intensity use, the SPX® Max Reformer with Vertical Stand comes in a bundle, complete with a Reformer Box with Footstrap, Padded Platform Extender, Maple Roll-Up Pole and the Essential Reformer Professional Series double-disc DVD set.

About Merrithew®

Merrithew® is the global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Founded in 1988, the company has trained more than 80,000 instructors and partners worldwide, developed six innovative education programs— STOTT PILATES®, ZEN•GA®, Total Barre®, Halo® Training, Merrithew Fascial Movement and CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training— and has produced an extensive line of professional and at-home equipment and accessories for personal and professional use.

In 2020, Merrithew launched Merrithew Connect, a video streaming platform featuring new and signature Pilates, fitness and mind-body workouts and training from its internationally-recognized team of presenters.

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