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Packing for the 2023 UK Symposium: What's in Our Bags?

2023 UK Symposium: What's in Our Bags?

As the 2023 UK Symposium approaches, Merrithew® Instructor Trainers and team members are busy preparing their bags to ensure they have everything they need for this exciting event. Let's take a peek inside their bags and discover what essentials they'll be carrying.

Rouxchelle's essentials:

Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke

I ensure I have my active wear meticulously selected for each day, right down to the perfect outfit combinations. In my bag, you'll find two Merrithew Conditioning Towels, handy for laying on or keeping sweat under control. Staying hydrated is key, so I always have my trusty water bottle close by.

For the traditionalists like me, I still bring printed notes, even though I have them saved on my iPad. You can never be too prepared, after all! I also carry my Fascia ReleaZer® and a small Massage Ball help me soothe tired muscles, which can be a lifesaver during long symposium days.

And of course, I wouldn't be without my must-have Merrithew props. The Flex-Band® and Mini Stability Ball are my constant companions. They're compact and easy to pack, fitting snugly in carry-on luggage and not adding much weight.

Taylor's go-to:

Staying hydrated is essential during the symposium, given all the running around, stair-climbing, and equipment setup we do to ensure the event runs smoothly. My water bottle is a constant companion to keep me refreshed.

Taylor Melo-Boone

My phone is always by my side, especially for its camera. I love capturing the memorable snippets of our events, which our marketing team appreciates. You can find our event content on Instagram @Merrithew.

I love keeping track of my daily steps with my Apple Watch. Merrithew events involve so much movement that I consistently surpass my 10,000 steps goal. It becomes a fun challenge, and sometimes, I even compete with my boss, Kristen.

For on-the-go workouts, the Resistance Loop is an absolute essential. Whether at the gym for a full-body warm-up or in need of a quick workout, it's a simple yet effective tool. I've been using Resistance Loops for years, making them a must-have for all my work travels.

Bianca's must-haves:

Bianca Mohammed

A water bottle is a staple in my bag to ensure I stay hydrated throughout the event. It's a necessity to keep energy levels up during the symposium.

For quick workouts, the Resistance Loop (extra-strength 10 inches) is a go-to. Squats and crab walks are fantastic exercises with this tool, providing the right amount of intensity.

Mini handweights (2.75 lbs) make for a quick upper-body workout. A few sets of bicep curls, shoulder presses, or tricep extensions with these weights deliver an effective burn before or after the event.

PJ O'Clair

PJ's packing List:

My Merrithew Signature Jacket is a staple for me. It offers a casual yet professional look, perfect for wearing in between sessions.I always carry Fascia Hydration balls as well. They are invaluable for rolling out my feet, especially during long flights.

Given the UK's often rainy weather, waterproof shoes are a necessity. They keep my feet dry and comfortable throughout the symposium. Fun casual layers are essential for socializing with the vibrant Merrithew community in London. It's a time to connect and share the excitement of the event.

Laureen’s travel essentials:

Laureen Dubeau

I always keep a variety of snacks with me, ranging from healthy options to the occasional indulgence, because I tend to get hungry quite often. When it comes to my workshop preparations, I like to be as ready as possible. I keep a copy of my workshop notes handy, which allows me to review and make revisions during any spare moments

When it comes to staying fit on the go, I always have the Mini Stability Ball in my travel gear. When deflated, it conveniently fits in my carry-on bag. Not only does it serve as a comfortable travel pillow by absorbing vibrations against the window, but it also provides lumbar support and extra cushioning for my tailbone when slightly deflated.

As a workout accessory, it's incredibly versatile, helping with stretching, lengthening, and targeted strengthening exercises. This compact prop is a must-have for my on-the-go workouts and adds a lot of value to my travel experiences.

There you have it – the insight on what's in our team’s bags as they prepare for the 2023 UK Symposium. Each of our members have their own essentials, unique items, and must-have Merrithew props that make the event experience special.

We can't wait to see you there! Register now.

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