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Insightful Workshops at the UK Symposium: Master & Lead Instructor Trainers Share Their Insights

Exciting Workshops at the UK Symposium 2023

In this blog post, we're thrilled to have Merrithew® Lead Instructor Trainer, Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke and Master Instructor Trainer Jennifer Dahl and Laureen DuBeau as they share their passion and insights about the upcoming UK Symposium workshops.

Let's dive into their thoughts and what attendees can expect from the courses and workshops they’ll be teaching.

STOTT PILATES® Twist Ball Workout

Rouxchelle Denton-Cooke

Why are you so excited to teach the Twist Ball workshop?

Rouxchelle: I'm absolutely thrilled to teach this course because it's all about having fun and invigorating your fitness journey. The Twist Ball workshop isn't just about exercises; it's about building resilience and making your muscle structure's connective tissue stronger. We're talking about strengthening the body's fascial network, and that's truly exciting.

Can you tell us what attendees can look forward to as key takeaways?

Rouxchelle: In this workshop, attendees can expect to be challenged in a unique way. The Twist Ball, with its shifting center of sand weighing almost 3kg, adds an extra layer of difficulty that helps improve coordination, agility, and endurance.

We'll delve into progressions that reinforce full-body movement, control, strength, and coordination, helping you handle both acceleration and deceleration forces. Plus, we'll dive deep into fascial concepts and movement variables, offering a holistic learning experience.

STOTT PILATES Prenatal Matwork with Stability Ball & Flex-Band®

Jennifer Dahl

The Prenatal Matwork workshop sounds intriguing. What makes it so unique?

Jennifer: Well, the uniqueness lies in its simplicity. All you need for this workout is the Stability Ball and a Flex-Band®. The beauty of this course is that it's highly adaptable to suit a pregnant client's current trimester.

What can attendees take away from your course?

Jennifer: When working with pregnant clients, providing effective cues and guidelines is essential as their bodies change. This workshop is a perfect fit for the second trimester, but it's incredibly versatile and can be easily adjusted for both the first and third trimesters. Attendees will leave with valuable insights on supporting and empowering their pregnant clients throughout their fitness journey.

Students using Tubing and Flex-Band at Symposium Workshop

Halo® Training Building Intensive Interval Programs

What excites you about teaching this workshop at the UK Symposium?

Jennifer: Leading a group of instructors through an engaging and challenging workshop is always a thrill for me. What's more exciting is that we'll have ample time to dive deep into Halo content and programming while getting a fantastic workout in.

What can attendees expect as key takeaways?

Jennifer: Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of interval training's key concepts and how to safely and effectively progress their clients through this type of workout.

We'll also focus on the practical and creative aspects of programming, which can benefit instructors from diverse backgrounds. If you're looking to elevate your clients' workouts and take them to new heights, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge to do just that.

Halo Training Intro to Integrated Bodyweight Training

Your Halo Training Intro to Integrated Bodyweight Training workshop sounds like a fantastic entry point. What makes it unique?

Jennifer: This workshop is unique because it's a fantastic way to introduce and explore all the key concepts of Halo and Bodyweight training using the versatile Halo Trainer Plus. It serves as a great introduction or primer to the Halo Foundation Course and other Halo workshops.

Student on Reformer at Merrithew event

What takeaways can attendees look forward to?

Jennifer: Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Bodyweight training and how the Halo Trainer Plus can assist and challenge this type of programming. We'll explore the different configurations that the Halo Trainer offers while moving through a series of exercises and movements suitable for beginners and those at more advanced levels.

The UK Symposium promises to be an exciting event with these outstanding instructors, each offering a unique perspective on fitness and wellness.

STOTT PILATES Group Reformer Classes: Teaching Skills & Programming Choices

Laureen DuBeau

Can you talk more about this workshop and what you’re looking forward to?

Laureen: As much as I like the workshops that feature new props or choreography, I really enjoy the ones that focus on the material and equipment we use most often. In this workshop, I'm going to look at the unique skill of teaching group classes on the Reformer. I'll walk the attendees through choosing appropriate exercises, and how to keep the class energized and motivated.

What are the key takeaways that the attendees can look forward to?

Laureen: Attendees will gain some tips relating to how different it is to teach group classes on the Reformer. The suggestions will be things that they can implement right away, and likely see some good results. It may even make them want to teach more group classes!

Ready to learn and move with industry pros at the 2023 UK Symposium?

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