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Switch up your clients' workout with fitness props

canfitpro event booth

Fitness instructors play a huge part in motivating clients to stay engaged and excited to keep exercising. But what happens when the instructor falls into a teaching rut?

At this year’s canfitpro conference in Toronto, Merrithew® will be hosting two Intensive Workshops on August 15 to help trainers reinvigorate their private and group sessions using a variety of fitness props. These workshops will teach instructors a variety of new exercises that can be modified and enhanced for different clients to create more dynamic programming.

Here’s a preview on what to expect:

STOTT PILATES® Foam Roller Plus, Levels 1 & 2

Most studios and fitness facilities have Foam Rollers on hand, but most of the time they’re only used for rolling out tight muscles and fascia. This workshop will show instructors how to leverage this versatile tool in ways that will lengthen and strengthen the whole body.

Trainers will learn a new repertoire of exercises that will allow them to incorporate the Foam Roller into any style of session, from meditation and relaxation to intense strengthening and conditioning, or even build a whole class around it. They’ll also be taught how to progress the exercises from beginner to intermediate level.

Who is this workshop for?

As with most Merrithew-branded workshops, there are no prerequisites, so anyone can attend. All fitness professionals and enthusiasts will gain some great ideas and exercise tips on how to work with the Foam Roller.

What sort of clients is this good for?

The Foam Roller is ideal for one-on-one training or group exercise classes. Instructors will learn how to progress and regress the movements so they can adjust the level of challenge for their client or group’s fitness level, goals and objectives. They’ll also be shown how the Foam Roller can be used in a post-rehab setting or with clients who have special needs.

What do we like most about the Foam Roller?

The Foam Roller is an excellent prop for training the deeper support muscles of the body. Since it naturally creates instability, core muscles need to work harder to stabilize and balance the body. By lifting hands and feet off the mat, we decrease the base of support, intensifying the challenge and building much needed endurance of smaller, deeper muscles like the transversus abdominis, pelvic floor and multifidis.

STOTT PILATES Pilates with Props, Levels 1 & 2

This workshop is ideal for trainers who don’t have access to large equipment but still want to provide clients with an increased challenge to keep them motivated. Trainers will gain some fresh ideas on how to use props in their Matwork classes to strengthen and condition the upper and lower body, and stimulate the myofascial system to avoid plateaus.

Who is this workshop for?

This session is valuable for all types of fitness professionals or enthusiasts who are looking to augment their standard Matwork class. The Flex-Band®, Fitness Circle® and Toning Balls are small, accessible props that can add variety, intensity and resistance training to everyday exercises.

What sort of clients is this good for?

The exercises shown in this workshop can be used for almost any client at any level. Trainers will learn how to progress the exercises from easier essential-level moves to more challenging intermediate variations. Some modifications can also be used for post-rehab clients.

What’s so special about these props?

Props like the Fitness Circle can be used to challenge adductors, abductors, or rotators of the hips. The Fitness Circle can also be used to bring awareness to scapular stability and for working on arm and shoulder strength.

The Flex-Band has so many applications, from providing support to adding peripheral resistance that will strengthen arms and legs, shoulders and hips, and even wrists and ankles.

Finally, the Toning Balls increase the effects of gravity, adding more challenge to arms and shoulders, both anteriorly and posteriorly. Even a small amount of weight can make the abdominals work harder, especially when they are at the end of a long lever.

We look forward to seeing you there! Click here for more information on how to register for canfitpro from August 14-18 in Toronto.

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