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How to keep your Reformer in tip-top shape

Equipment Care Kit

Merrithew® has more than 30 years of experience building Reformers that last. Like any piece of sophisticated equipment, sometimes unexpected things happen, so it’s best to be prepared.

The Equipment Care Kit, which comes with everything you might need to perform standard repairs and maintenance, is the ace in your deck of cards on a Friday afternoon.

It’s good practice to buy the kit when you purchase your Reformer so you have it on hand just in case. If you think about how much time and stress it will save you waiting on replacement parts, it’s worth the investment.

Product, care and how-to maintenance manuals are available on the Merrithew website to guide you through the replacement process step-by-step. Merrithew’s friendly customer care team also offers support via phone and email.

“You may feel hesitant the first time you replace a part, but it will empower you to have control over your equipment and you will feel so much better and more confident once you do. Once you’ve done it once, the big mystery is over and you can give yourself kudos,” says Merrithew Customer Care Specialist Ken Anderson.

Keeping your Reformer in optimal condition

  • Clean the rollers and the rails with a damp cloth on a daily basis
  • Clean the vinyl with a wet rag on a daily basis or after every client
  • Replace the springs every two years
  • Check the retractable rope system, rope hook and cleats on a daily basis

For our detailed inspection and maintenance schedule for large equipment, click here.

What’s in the Equipment Care Kit?

  • Ratchet with ½-inch and 7/16 inch sockets
  • Beam level
  • Fixed and floating replacement Reformer carriage rollers (one pair each)
  • 3/8 inch and ½-inch star knobs (one each)
  • Universal Assembly Tool
  • Rail cleaning kit with cleaning cloth and five cleaning sticks

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