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Equipment Maintenance — Cover Your Assets!

Replacement Springs

Not only does properly-functioning equipment keep your clients happy, but it also protects your facility from liability! When’s the last time you gave your spring-loaded equipment a little TLC? To ensure that your large equipment is performing optimally, here are routine checks you should be doing regularly:


  • Ensure carriage stoppers are fully inserted into the Reformer rails
  • Clean Reformer rails with a soft, damp cloth
  • Inspect retractable ropes to confirm that they are securely set in the rope retaining hooks and self-locking cleats


  • Ensure that all nuts, bolts & screws are securely fastened
  • Ensure the Reformer footbar and chrome adjuster bar are securely fastened
  • Inspect all springs for wear and damage


  • Check spring bolts, spring balls and spring clips to ensure they’re securely fastened
  • Tighten star knobs as necessary


  • Replace all spring clips


  • Replace all springs every two years

For further details on how to best maintain your equipment, give our Inspection & Maintenance Schedule a read.