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Give Your Reformer a Little Love!

Give Your Reformer a Little Love!

A session on a Reformer may be a head-to-toe workout, but the last thing many of us think about when our muscles are burning are the bottoms of our feet. The Footbar, used as a base for the feet, and at times, the hands, is an important player in the stability game on the Reformer, and it often takes a pounding.

Whether it’s the light pressure of one foot during Single Leg, or bearing the full weight of the upper body on the hands in the Long Stretch, the constant use of the Footbar in a busy studio or home space means that it requires some TLC. If you notice that one side of the Footbar appears to sink slightly when in use, it’s time for a tune-up. Even if you don’t notice a thing, it’s a good idea to tweak the nuts and bolts on a regular basis.

Checking for, and correcting, imbalances in the Footbar is easy. All you need is an Allen key, or the Universal Tool that came with your Reformer, and a willing assistant. Using the tool of your choice, loosen all socket head cap screws and/or bolts on the long swing arm supports and chrome adjuster bar of the Footbar. Then, have your assistant apply downward pressure to the Footbar while you tighten the socket head cap screws and nuts. It’s important to apply an equal amount of torque on all fasteners to ensure the Footbar and chrome adjuster bar are horizontally aligned.

If you are good to your Reformer, your Reformer will be good to you. A well-maintained Reformer can give you decades of quality workouts. So remember to set aside some time every week to give your Reformer a little love.

If you have any questions about regular maintenance click on our Maintenance & Inspection Checklist, call 1-800-910-0001 x 0907 or