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Ask the Expert: A Base for CORE™

Base for CORE

Q: Should I have taken STOTT PILATES® before taking CORE Athletic Conditioning and Performance Training?

A: Though it never hurts to take STOTT PILATES, it’s not mandatory before taking other Merrithew mind-body modalities such as CORE. All Merrithew branded programming offerings are mind-body modalities, and cater to different fitness and health care goals. CORE is aimed at personal trainers and emphasizes awareness of how the body is moving through an exercise and perfect movement execution. You’ll learn to notice what is happening in the rest of the body when one area is targeted—like watching spinal alignment when working the glutes or focusing on the placement of the rib cage when performing pec flyes. It also means putting a focus on working the deeper stabilizing muscles, not only in the torso, but at each joint, instead of just targeting the “mirror” muscles.

CORE uses a variety of small equipment that adds a unique dynamic to workouts, enabling Instructors to tailor workouts to sports-specific training such as swimming, distance running, football and more, helping any athlete jump higher, run faster, swing faster, hit harder, accelerate quicker and ultimately perform better. CORE also emphasizes proper technique, programming and progressions that keep this type of training safe and beneficial for clients, while focusing on meeting the demands of the sport, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

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