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Benefits for All: New CORE™ Workshops

Benefits of New CORE Workshops

CORE Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training Workshops are designed to build on the knowledge learned in the CORE Foundations Course. The workshops provide targeted training strategies by incorporating various concepts covered in the program while utilizing a variety of large and small equipment options. Though prior CORE training helps, it’s not a prerequisite. Anyone can benefit from these workshops.

CORE Programming for your clients

CORE is a unique training program that focuses on functional fitness, targeting core strength and kinesthetic awareness that results in improvement in total-body strength, power, control and agility. This program is multi-layered and designed for both novice and high-level athletes. CORE workouts are comprised of a combination of body control and power movements that produce high intensity, results-driven workouts.

Who are the new CORE Workshops for?

The New CORE Workshops are great for those who are in the fitness or movement fields and are interested in training athlete clients more effectively. The training focuses on various athletic conditioning and performance training methodologies. For trainers and instructors working with athletic clients, the newest CORE Workshops will provide more in-depth knowledge of precise performance elements that athletes need to improve and sport-specific programming tailored to specific movement patterns.

CORE Plyometrics and Jump Training Workshop, Level 1

Instructor Takeaways Client Benefits
Instructor Takeaways
  • Apply the CORE Principles and athletic conditioning concepts to increase power, decrease the incidence of injury and improve performance.
  • Discover how these training methods are best applied to the right athletes, at the right time and in the right way.
  • Learn how jump training and plyometrics allow athletes to unleash explosive power.
  • Explore how to apply the science of jump training and plyometrics to develop the ability to produce force more quickly.
Client Benefits
  • Improve explosive power.
  • Train the body to decelerate and absorb impact.
  • Decrease likelihood of injury.
  • Improve athletic performance, including the ability to jump higher, run faster, swing faster, hit harder, and accelerate more quickly.

CORE Dry land Performance Training for Swimmers

Instructor Takeaways Client Benefits
Instructor Takeaways
  • Understand basic swim mechanics and list issues common to training swimmers.
  • Apply the CORE Principles of training to swim-specific movements.
  • Know how to apply proper exercises based on the movement patterns required.
  • Learn programming appropriate for improving swimming performance and preventing injuries.
Client Benefits
  • Increase strength and power.
  • Learn swim-specific exercises that strengthen the core in order to connect the upper and lower body for improved efficiency in the water.
  • Improve swimming performance for swimmers across a range of ages and abilities from beginners to serious athletes.

CORE Functional Strength and Resistance Training

Instructor Takeaways Client Benefits
Instructor Takeaways
  • Apply the CORE Principles and athletic conditioning concepts to increase power, decrease the incidence of injury and improve performance.
  • Learn resistance training exercises designed to improve functional strength.
  • Effectively design a program that incorporates resistance training principles.
  • Discuss how resistance training can improve athletic performance and prevent injury.
Client Benefits
  • Improve functional strength through resistance training.
  • Improve athletic performance and injury prevention through use of resistance training.

Patrick Przyborowski, STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor Trainer, CORE, and ZENGA® Qualified Instructor and owner of Practice in Dayton, Ohio, USA, shares his thoughts after taking the CORE Functional Strength and Resistance Training Workshop.


“So much of what I enjoy about Merrithew’s programs can be derived from its decades-long commitment to intelligent exercise, and the CORE Functional Strength and Resistance Training workshop exemplifies this commitment. It provides a wonderful blend of principles and theory with practical programming for our clients that I can incorporate immediately with the equipment that I already have in the studio. The Merrithew programming team has distilled a wealth of knowledge and practice about functional movement, resistance training, and athletic performance into a two-hour workshop that is easy to understand and fun to learn. Beyond the principles, warm up, and exercise breakdowns with modifications, the course includes a great section on building circuits for your clients and groups.”