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Introducing the Halo® Trainer Plus

Functional bodyweight training with one simple tool

The Halo® Trainer Plus is a versatile, ergonomic exercise device providing a multi-dimensional approach to functional training. With thick, durable rubber grips and a heavy gauge frame, this unique piece of equipment provides step-wise progression to total body training by selectively controlling stability and bodyweight resistance. The Halo® Trainer Plus 4 adds a 4 lb load for increased challenge.

Advance muscle strength and endurance
Progress or regress exercise difficulty
Provide proprioception and stabilization

Who’s it for?

Halo Trainer Plus for personal trainers

Personal trainers

Lightweight and compact, the Halo Trainer Plus is ideal for personal trainers who travel to their clients. The Halo Trainer Plus is a great tool for conditioning with interval programs

Halo Trainer Plus for group fitness classes

Group fitness

Easily cater to varying fitness levels within a group with progressions and regressions of the same exercise. Group fitness instructors will find hundreds of exercises that can be integrated into any level class

Halo Trainer Plus for rehab professionals

Rehab professionals

The Halo Trainer Plus allows rehab professionals to access the proprioceptive feedback of a Stability Ball without having to worry about balance issues so clients can learn stability in a safe environment

Halo Trainer Plus for group mind-body professionals

Mind-body professionals

The unique design of the Halo ensures optimal stability and body positioning, and the unstable nature of the ball provides excellent proprioceptive feedback

Halo Trainer Plus for exercise enthusiasts

Exercise enthusiasts

Easily integrated into any fitness program, the Halo Trainer Plus comes with an exercise chart to guide you through a workout and keep you constantly challenged and motivated

Halo Training Instructor Training

Halo® Training incorporates the science of core integrated bodyweight training. The program teaches exercises that follow unique progressions or regressions designed to increase functional strength and stability for a client at any level of condition; from rehab through to athletic performance training

Foundation Courses

Halo Training Instructor Foundation Courses present the concepts of interval training principles and variables, the theories of both timed- and repetition-based programs, and exercise sequences that progress through beginner, intermediate and advanced. Discover progressions and regressions that meet the needs and goals of a variety of clients and groups

Professional development and continuing education

This series of workshops provides fitness professionals, and rehab and post-rehab professionals with additional strategies to create progressive exercise programs. Develop techniques for altering training variables that make Halo Training appropriate for any stage of rehabilitation, post-rehabilitation, functional training or high-level performance coaching


Larissa Tanis

“As a professional ballerina, I felt like I always needed more upper body strength for pas de deux-partnering. Halo Training provides an ideal way to achieve and maintain that upper body strength in a highly impactful way”

Larissa Tanis
Chicago, US

Sarah Jarvis

“The Halo Training Course is hard core. I was able to broaden my client base and integrate these intense bodyweight training exercises into a range of fitness modalities. The course taught me how to tailor the core-integrated bodyweight exercises to a variety of clients of differing ability levels”

Sarah Jarvis
Toronto, Canada

Patrick Przyborowski

“Working with clients on the Halo Trainer Plus over the course of 30 minutes takes them up and down off the mat repeatedly and puts them in so many positions that challenge balance, flexibility, core stability and strength, making it a wonderful tool and program for hitting multiple training targets”

Patrick Przyborowski
Dayton, US

Mary Lou Bacik

“I did not believe for a minute that at 68 years old I had the stamina or the technique to do Halo® Training for seven hours. BUT I WAS ABLE TO DO IT! More miraculous to me was that I was not sore the next day”

Mary Lou Bacik
Cleveland, US