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Halo® Trainer Plus 4 – 6-pack

$250 off
Ends March 31
Halo® Trainer Plus 4 – 6-pack
Halo® Trainer Plus 4 – 6-pack
Halo® Trainer Plus 4 – 6-pack 0.0 0 Be the first to add a review
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Incorporate strength training, flexibility and total-body conditioning in one with the Halo Trainer Plus 4. Great for group classes or one-on-one personal training, the Halo Trainer Plus 4 adds 4 lb onto the Halo Trainer Plus for increased challenge. Build classes for every fitness level, from beginner to elite athlete, and add Stability Ball, BOSU®, TRX® or other fitness equipment to create dynamic programming and limitless exercise options in the studio or at home. Ergonomic handles and thick, durable rubber grips are easy on the wrists and ideal for special populations and occupational treatments.

  • Easy-click connectors make the Halo Trainer Plus 4 a snap to assemble and dissemble for travel and storage
  • Strong, durable gauge frame
  • Use with popular equipment such as BOSU®, TRX® and Stability Ball
  • Progress and regress exercises according to individual needs
  • Adds 4 lbs to the original 8.5 lb Halo Trainer Classic frame
  • More information
  • Video
  • Specs
  • Warranty
  • Includes 6 × Halo Trainer Plus 4 with Stability Ball & Pump
  • Halo Trainer Plus 4 also works with 65 cm Stability Ball
  • Core workouts for maximum efficiency
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble with easy click connectors
  • Versatile improvements on already popular equipment
  • Levels of difficulty defined for entry level to avid athlete
  • Provides opportunity for active aging programming
  • Controlled instability dampens exercise intimidation
  • Revenue-generating small group training available
  • Integrate corrective exercise into fitness for a comprehensive approach

How to inflate your Stability Ball

  1. Remove plug from ball with double pronged lifter
  2. Attach plastic needle to pump (on some pumps the needle is stored in the handle; remove small plug on end of plunger to locate storage compartment)
  3. Insert needle, inflate to desired firmness and replace plug

Note, for full inflation inflate ball, allow to rest for 2 days, and then complete inflation to ensure that ball is the proper size.

Halo® Trainer Plus 4

Width 21 in 53.3 cm
Length 24 in 60.1 cm
Height 12 in 30.5 cm
Weight 12.5 lbs 5.7 kg

Stability Ball

Diameter 21.7 in 55 cm

For our full equipment warranty, see our warranty terms and conditions.

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Halo® Trainer Plus 4
Halo® Trainer Plus 4
Halo® Trainer Plus 4 Kit with Stability Ball™ & Pump
Halo® Trainer Plus 4 Kit with Stability Ball™ & Pump
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Halo® Trainer Stability Ball™ - 55cm (Grey)
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