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Exercise of the month: Improving Dynamic Stabilization with Mobility Disks™

If it is winter where you live, you might be looking for more ways to stay active during this time. With activities such as ice skating and skiing, you can make the most out of colder months and ensure that you’re moving your body while enjoying the outdoors. To make the most out of these winter activities and ease day-to-day activities, it is essential to pay attention to body flexibility and mobility and ensure a functional physique that enhances stability.

Moira Merrithew, Master Instructor Trainer, and Merrithew’s Executive Director, Education leads us through this workout that will help you activate the deep stabilizers and develop resilience throughout the whole body by incorporating sliding motion and Mobility Disks to make sure that you keep moving with ease.

Using the Sliding Mobility Disks, you can improve joint mobility from the spine to the appendages to maintain a supple resilient body. Follow along as you do this breath-focused workout that will energize you while mobilizing your whole body.

Pro tip: Establish rhythm with your own breath to make the most out of this mindful movement practice. This is the best way to keep up with the ideal pace without pushing your body too much.

To try out the full workout and hundreds of other workouts led by Merrithew Instructor Trainers, tune into our digital online streaming platform, Merrithew Connect.


Hi there. In this workout, we'll be incorporating the sliding motion and mobility discs to intensify the exercises while focusing on creating dynamic stability in conjunction with mobility into full ranges. We're incorporating exercises that utilize ground force energy that will transmit right out through the limbs.

The discs allow us to create fluid movements that stimulate the fascial system, activate the deep stabilizers, and develop resilience throughout the whole body. Jenny and Sam are going to join me for this workout. Let's start by breathing. Alright. Breathing helps us to get that rhythm into the body. So each movement that we do, I want you to feel that you're making a connection with those discs into the floor, using that ground force energy, but let's also, Breath as another guide for establishing rhythm and movement.

So breathing, we're gonna be sitting and just have your hands onto the discs. And we're gonna be mobilizing the breath, mobilizing the spine, and using the breath to do that. So first of all, take a deep breath in and just turn those fingers towards you, pressing into those desks. Then come back up. That's it.

Slide them away and just exhale, connect through the abdominals. Careful not to go too far back into the shoulders. Connect through the abdominals to flex forward. Inhale, take it forward. Really open up through the back, roll up through the spine and back and. Reach. Good. Now let's start to get some rhythm there and breathe in and forward.

Now just establish your own rhythm with your breath. Don't feel that you have to keep up with us. You just keep everything moving through. Let's do two more and breathe and exhale. Reach. That's it. And really supple. Use that breath and it keeps the movements flowing. And yes, wonder. All right, now let's start to use the breath and rotate the spine.

So sidelining, you're gonna put the bottom arm overhead and top arm is in front. So let's just face that way, the front first. That's good. And we wanna have be very careful here that you are in a nice, long, neutral alignment. All right. And you're gonna have the lake, the so top lake flexed. That's it. Good.

And, just slide press into those sliders and just reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. And then come back up. Alright, so as we go forward, I want you to think of reaching the top through the top, and then the pelvis is the last thing. But to come back, you're going to initiate with the pelvis. Really keep a connection and using those gliders.

Helps you keep stability through the torso and through that whole shoulder girdle as you go into that rotation and then come back up. Beautiful. And now let's establish a little rhythm there too. And inhale. You lengthen away. Now feel the Dominos flex to pull that back up. One more time. Reach away. Yes.

And exhale. Pull it back up. Beautiful. Let's do the other side. Whip the legs around. So we're always gonna start slow because you wanna make sure that you're really feeling that inner connection and that connection with the ground so that everything is stable and you have that kinetic energy running through the entire body.

So here we go. Slow from the top. Reach forward. That's it. Good. And then exhale, pull and bring it back. And again, reach and open up, expand, and then now use the abdominals to pull it back. Good. Now start to establish your own rhythm. Reach, lengthen, but don't lose connection with the ground. Otherwise, you actually cut off that kinetic energy reach.

Yes. An exhale, pull it back. Good. And reach away. And pull back. Let's do one more time and reach away and pull.

All right, good. And that's our workout for today. Thank you, that was great. Really great.

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